Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bob Saverine's Day of Golden Memories: Friday, August 25th, 1967


BOS 6, CHI 0 W-Bell 11-7 L-O'toole 4-8 HR-Andrews(8)Foy(12)

BOS 3, CHI 1 W-Stange 14-5 L-Horlen 9-13 HR-Yaz(34)

MIN 3, CLE 2 (10) W-Worthington 6-7 L-Allen 4-6 

CLE 4, MIN 3 W-Hargan 8-9 L-Ollom 2-1 HR-Killebrew 2(30)Maye(9)ph Hargan(1)

DET 14, KC 1 W-Wilson 17-8 L-C.Dobson 3-13 HR-Wert(5)Kaline(17)Freehan(15)Wilson(4)

WAS 5, NY 4 W-Baldwin 7-2 L-Womack 4-5 HR-Mantle(31)Pepitone(13)Gibbs(4)isp Casanova(8)isp B.Allen(2) Saverine two-out walk-off double.

NY 7, WAS 2 W-Hamilton 6-1 L-Cox 4-2 HR-Tresh(21)Smith(4)

Bob Saverine, a ferocious member of the weasel family, came out of his burrow and had five hits in a doubleheader--a career's worth for him--including a 2-out walk off two-bagger! In true Senators style, however, and despite his momentarily high approval rating, he still refused to pass any legislation. The whole first game of that double dip was wild. Both starting catchers hit inside the park homeruns, and Bernie (call me Sanders) Allen--after not hitting a homer all season until yesterday--hit his second in as many days. "Snorting Wheaties really helps!" he chirped before being hustled away by team lawyers.

In other news, the A's Chuck Dobson returned from the hospital--where he had been being treated for thinking he was James Dobson and continually trying to lead everyone in prayer--just in time to be utterly demolished by the Tigers. "It wasn't God's will that I should win," he opined. 

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Mama Zen said...

No legislation, huh? Not even to address immigration from Cuba and the Dominican Republic?