Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Unsinkable Larry Brown: Saturday, August 26th, 1967


CAL 6, BAL 2 W-McGlothlin 14-9 L-Phoebus 14-7 HR-Blair(9) McGlothlin 2-hitter.

BOS 10, CHI 6 W-Santiago 6-4 L-Howard 9-9 HR-Harrelson(9)Colavito(6)Boyer(1)

CLE 3, MIN 2 (12inns) W-Allen 5-6 L-Kline 7-6 HR-Brown 2(9)including GW

DET 14, KC 2 W-McLain 15-7 L-Sanford 10-8 HR-Horton(19)Mathews 2(2) Kaline 5 hits, KC 6 errors.

WAS 4, NY 0 W-Ortega 6-17 L-Downing 9-11 HR-Cullen(3)

Tribe shortstop Larry Brown, fed up with watching his team sleep-walk to another apathetic loss in front of almost no one in Cleveland, ripped a game-tying two-run homer with 2 out in the bottom of the 7th to tie the game against the exhausted Twins, then hit a 2-out walk-off homer to win it in the 12th. Twelve fans, a popcorn vendor and an usher all cheered wildly!

In Kansas City, the Tigers once again destroyed the slapstick A's, who made a ridiculous six errors. In Washington, the visiting Yankees saw most of their offense carried off the field in the 2nd inning, when RF Tom Tresh and first sacker Mickey Mantle collided while chasing a pop foul. Mantle's liver exploded, which will cause him to miss the next game, while Tresh will miss most of next week trying to figure out the outrageous deductibles on his health coverage. "I think my batting average has been deducted from, too," he complained. Only in Washington for a day, and excuses are already tripping off his tongue!

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Mama Zen said...

Those twelve fans weren't cheering; they were protesting the racist Indians moniker!