Sunday, February 14, 2016

Jimmy We Hardly Threw Ye: Wednesday August 30th, 1967


DET 7, CAL 3 W-McLain 16-7 L-Wright 7-8 HR-Freehan(17)Cash(36)Stanley(2)Repoz(8) McLain wins his tenth straight decision, going back to July 8th.

CLE 6, KC 0 W-O'donoghue 11-11 L-Sanford 10-9 HR-Azcue(13)Hinton(6)Fuller(9)

MIN 6, BAL 5 (10 inns) W-Worthington 7-7 L-Drabowsky 4-6 HR-F.Robinson(21)Killebrew(31) Tovar walk-off single.

NY 4, BOS 3 W-Downing 10-11 L-Morehead 8-8 S-Womack(22) HR-Foy(14)

CHI 1, WAS 0 W-O'toole 5-8 L-Pascual 6-15 S-Locker(16)

Jimmy O'toole, pulled out of mothballs by the Pale Hose and helped along throughout the game by the little people, found four-leaf clovers sprouting all around the pitcher's mound as he blanked the Nats for 8 innings before giving way to Bob Locker in the 9th. The White Sox, in their typical style, had scored a run without a hit in the top of the 1st inning, and Jimmy made it stand up, despite the indignity of having to wear a silly green hat and pitch through a fog of alcohol. Meanwhile, Camilo Pascual worked 8 innings of 3-hit ball, but it just wasn't good enough. 

My earliest memories of baseball are of two things: one is, my much older brother (by 13 years) watching it on tv and being annoyed with my endless questions, and secondly, the baseball cards that were included on the backs of cereal boxes when I was little. I had only just learned to read, but those cards were how I got to know the names of the players and teams. I wish I still had those cards; I have no idea what ever happened to them. Mom???

A note on my replay. I have played 660 of 808 games so far. Because I am following the actual games played, on the dates that they were played, there are two rain outs which were not made up, and I am not making them up, either. This leaves the Angels, A's, Indians and Orioles short a game at the end. Yes, I could use my Goddess powers to clear the skies, but who cares if there is one more Indians game or not? Charlie Finley has requested to move his team's rain out to Louisville, or Oakland, or Milwaukee, along with the entire A's franchise, but I have denied his request, and made it rain on him, just because. ;-)


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