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Men Vs. Boys Vs. Birds Vs. Jack Hamilton: Monday, September 4th, 1967 (Labor Day)

Scores! (lots of them)

BAL 12, CAL 5 W-McNally 8-9 L-Hamilton 3-7 HR-B.Robinson(21)GS Brooks Robinson 4 rbi.

BAL 12, CAL 6 W-Phoebus 15-8 L-Wright 7-9 HR-F.Robinson(22)B.Robinson 2(23) Blefary(26)Reichardt 2(20) 1 ISP Brooks Robinson 4 more rbi.

KC 5, DET 3 W-Sanford 11-9 L-Wilson 17-9 S-Pierce(13) HR-Suarez(3)Northrup(13)

DET 10, KC 0 W-McLain 17-7 L-Krausse 3-14 HR-Kaline(18) McLain's 11th straight win. 

MIN 9, CLE 3 W-Chance 16-9 L-O'donoghue 11-12 HR-Wagner(8)Whitfield(8)Oliva(25)

MIN 8, CLE 3 W-Merritt 14-9 L-Pena 1-5 HR-Salmon(2)Killebrew(34)Allison(16)GS Allison 4 rbi.

CHI 4, NY 3 W-McMahon 9-4 L-Downing 10-12 S-Locker(17) HR-Mantle(33)

NY 5, CHI 1 W-Stottlemyre 17-13 L-Howard 10-10 HR-Kenney(6)Tresh(22) Stottlemyre 2-hitter.

BOS 9, WAS 3 W-Morehead 9-8 L-Pascual 6-16 S-Wyatt(8) HR-Yaz(39)Scott(21)

WAS 2, BOS 1 W-Ortega 7-18 L-Waslewski 5-6 S-Baldwin(21) HR-Scott(22)Cullen(4)

Brooks Robinson and the competition
Were you not suitably impressed by Catfish Hunter's blanking of the Orioles a few days ago? You should have been. Here are the runs scored, by game, by the Orioles over the past few games: 11, 0, 11, 12, 12. Okay class, which number is not like the others? The Orioles have been stupid hot at the plate. In the Labor Day twin bill opener against the Angels, they pounded out 21 hits, then added 18 in the nightcap, with Brooks Robinson hitting 3 homers and driving in 8 for the doubleheader. In the opener, the O's lit up Fat Jack Hamilton. His line: 1 inning pitched, 8 runs, all earned, and three walks.  The Angels are just soooo thrilled to have another doubleheader against the same Orioles tomorrow, made necessary by two rainouts in Baltimore last month. (Apparently the league ordered them made up in Anaheim. I am nothing if not a slave to reality.) The Halos desperately wish they had kept Jack Sanford, who pitched the lowly A's past the Tigers for his 5th win in green and gold. Of course, the Bengals crushed the A's in the second game. Denny McLain has plastered the clubhouse and dugout with 1968 calendars. "I'm ahead of my time!" he crowed as he won his 11th in a row.

"It's aliiiiive!"
Fred "Wingy" Whitfield, who absolutely never plays (except as a pinch-hitter) since the Tribe's acquisition of Tony Horton, was pulled out of mothballs, rescued from the Cryogenics Lab and thawed, then re-animated by a mad scientist and sent out onto the field of play, where he hit his first homer since....well, I'm not bothering to look it up. (Okay, so I looked it up. He last hit a homer on June 17th.) But the Tribe doesn't care anymore, not even Larry Brown, who is reportedly seeking a basketball coaching gig. "I feel like I can do it," he confided bashfully.

Tim "Tim Man" Cullen got out his oil can and limbered up enough to go yard against the Red Sox in support of Phil Ortega who was untouchable until George Scott led off the ninth with his second homer of the twin bill. In came ace bullpen man Dave Baldwin ("My brothers are all famous actors!") to shut down the Bosox and snap the comical Nats' 7-game losing streak.

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