Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Monbouquettes And Brickbats: Tuesday, August 29th, 1967


DET 6, CAL 1 W-Lolich 18-5 L-Clark 6-12

CAL 4, DET 3 (10inns) W-Rojas 4-2 L-Hiller 2-4 HR-Freehan(16)Mincher(22)Reichardt(16) Mincher walk-off double.

KC 11, CLE 5 W-Dobson 4-13 L-Hargan 8-10 HR-Azcue(12)GS Webster 2(21) Azcue and Webster 4 rbi each. 

BAL 5, MIN 1 W-Richert 8-10 L-Kaat 11-11 S-Watt(8) HR-F.Robinson 2(20) F.Robinson 5 rbi.

BOS 4, NY 2 W-Stange 15-5 L-Monbouquette 14-6 HR-Scott(20)

BOS 12, NY 2 W-Bell 12-7 L-Barber 2-1 HR-Yaz 2(37) Foy(13)

CHI 4, WAS 1 W-Horlen 10-13 L-Coleman 3-15 HR-Howard(27) 

With his old team in town, Bill Monbouquette came down from French Canada to trade pelts and make the start. Unfortunately, a line drive off the bat of rookie flyhawk Reggie Smith knocked Monbo over like a bowling pin. Several CSI's leaped out of the stands to examine the body, even as Monbouquette flailed and yelled, "Eediots! I am not dead!" Even his squaw wife showed up, beating at the CSI's with an old snowshoe. When order was restored, Mr. Monbouquette was found to be still among the living, but he'll miss the next 21 games. "Sports science has become wonderfully exact!" quipped one of the CSI's on her way off the field.

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We don't like the term "squaw." We prefer "ethnically enhanced."