Thursday, March 17, 2016

Attack of the 98-Pound Weaklings: Sunday, September 17th, 1967


BOS 4, BAL 0 W-Stange 19-5 L-Brabender 4-8 HR-Jones(6) Scott(23)

KC 3, CAL 0 W-Hunter 17-8 L-Brunet 14-11 Hunter 1-hitter.

MIN 10, CHI 1 W-Chance 19-9 L-Horlen 12-15 Nixon 6 rbi.

WAS 8, DET 1 W-Bertaina 8-17 L-Aguirre 11-8 HR-McMullen(11) B.Allen(3)

NY 1, CLE 0 W-Peterson 12-13 L-Hargan 10-11

Wimpiness abounds lately around the league! In the past ten games, the losing team has scored no runs 5 times, one run 4 times and four runs once. Perhaps they are practicing for 1968? Jim Hunter gave up only an early single to Jim Fregosi in stopping the Angels cold. To make it worse for the Halos, homer-happy Rick Reichardt will be out 5 games with dry flyaway hair. Ricky Angel will be missed. Don Mincher missed Sunday's game but will be back when the Halos next take the field. 

The silly Nats jumped up and bit the Tigers, who still can't seem to buy a hit.  Bernie Allen, he of the three-run jack, does not suffer from wimpiness!

Finally, Russ Nixon hit two doubles, a triple and a single for 6 rbi against the stunned White Sox. It was the third 6-rbi performance this season by a Twin, with Mr. Nixon joining Rich Reese and Ted Uhlaender. Speaking of Mr. Reese, he died a grisly death at the hands of bloodthirsty batboys, and will be out until the very last day of the season, when he will return to see whether the Twins pulled off a miracle or not. 
"I am not a crook! Or a wimp!"
Now that I am down to just 60 games to go, I am mulling what my next project will be. Some possibilities I am considering: 1964 NL, 1956 NL or both leagues, 1969 NL, 1970 NL or both leagues, 1982 NL or both leagues. I'm also toying with the idea of playing a modified 1957 season with some players from the 2015 four-team set (Royals, Blue Jays, Cubs, Mets) added. I change my mind every day. Meanwhile, 1967 marches on!

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