Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bring Out Your Dead: Friday, September 15th, 1967


BOS 6, BAL 5 W-Lonborg 18-10 L-McNally 8-11 S-Osinski(10) HR-Johnson(8) Haney(5) Yaz(43)

KC 7, CAL 5 W-Pierce 4-7 L-Cimino 7-9 HR-Mincher(24)

CHI 6, MIN 5 W-Wilhelm 7-6 L-Boswell 14-8 S-Locker(18) HR-Boyer(4) Boyer 5 rbi.

DET 3, WAS 1 W-Wilson 19-9 L-Ortega 7-19 HR-Cullen(5)

CLE 8, NY 4 W-McDowell 3-11 L-Stottlemyre 17-15 S-Allen(8) HR-Whitfield(9)ph Tresh(24)

Groundskeepers remove the fallen from the field.
Every replay has a point at which it gets close enough to the end of the season for someone to have a season-ending injury, and thus, the first final stats of that replay! Since J-4's max out at 40 games, sometimes this happens before August even ends, but this time I reached mid-September before anyone took their ball and bat and went home. 

Jimmy O'toole haunts the fans from the Jumbotron.
The first to expire was Irish Jimmy O'toole of the White Sox, who was pitching well against the Twins when the English invaded and killed him. He takes a 5-8 log to his end. The little folk weep.

Roy White, waiting for next year.
Following right on his heels was the Yankees' Roy White, who left a note saying he was glad he got his average above the Mendoza Line (.203) before he died. He smashed into the left field wall at Yankee Stadium trying to flag down a drive off the bat of the Indians' Larry Brown. Both the ball and various parts of Mr. White bounced away as Brown resisted the urge to run out there and count coup against the Yankee devil.

In a less fatal episode, Halos lead-off man Bubba Morton and his .299 average went bye-bye for 11 games, but both will be back. I suppose there's a chance that the unheralded Bubba could win the batting title, but I think the likes of Paul Blair, Carl Yastrzemski and George Scott will beat him out.  Still, stranger things have happened. Have I mentioned that Ron Hassey--yes, Ron Hassey--won my 1986 AL batting title? Got to love tabletop baseball!

The Twins, having lost consecutive one-run games to the Senators and White Sox, are probably done like dinner, despite a noble comeback attempt. That leaves the Red Sox to pursue the Tigers, who remain mired in an uncharacteristic hitting funk, but whose pitching is pulling them through. The Bosox will be getting Rico "The Disappointment" Petrocelli and "Hawk" Harrelson back next game, though valuable slugger Tony Conigliaro remains out. "I can't get the ph balance of my shampoo right," he moaned from his hospital bed.

I am down to just 70 games to play!


hedgewitch said...

As a sports ignoramus, I have no idea what you were talking about, but you definitely made me laugh. That ph balance can be a bitch.

stevemryan said...

Is Triple Crown Possible?

Fireblossom said...

Steve--yes! I didn't think it was until, just as in real life, Yaz starting going nuts down the stretch. At the end of August, Yaz led the league in HR with 37, one ahead of Norm Cash with 36. But while Cash has been in and out of the line-up with various minor injuries and has not hit much when he's played, Yaz has been bombing homers right and left. he now has 43, to Cash's 37.

In batting average, Yaz was tied for fifth at .283, 17 points behind injured teammate Tony Conigliaro at .300 and also trailing teammate George Scott, the Orioles' Paul Blair and the Tigers' Bill Freehan, and tied with the Angels' Bubba Morton and the Tigers' Al Kaline. Freehan has gone ice cold as has Kaline. Morton, like Yaz, has gotten red hot--but without the power--to rise to .299, where he will stay until the final few games because he just got injured. Yaz has risen to .297, Scott is at .295 and a scorching hot Paul Blair leads the league at .304. Tony Congliaro will come back for the last 9 games, so it will be a real horse race for the batting title. At the All-Star break, Yaz made the team but was hitting just .268!

RBIs was where I thought Yaz had no chance. At the end of August he stood fifteen behind Cash, 110-95. But Cash has driven in only 4 more, while Yaz has smacked home 14, to narrow Cash's lead to 114-109. No one else is close enough to catch them without a historic hot streak of some kind.

The Red Sox have 14 games left, Yaz is hotter than a pistol, and has 7 points of batting average and 5 rbis to make up. I hope he makes it! Thanks for asking about it.

stevemryan said...

Thanks! I love reading replays especially when there is a great individual accomplishment by a player. It makes a tight race between teams that much more fun to follow.