Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mick Schools 'Em: Friday and Saturday, September 29-30, 1967

Scores, September 29th

WAS 7, CHI 4 W-Bertaina 9-18 L-Peters 13-12 S-Baldwin(24) HR-Howard(36) Epstein(3)ph

NY 7, KC 4 W-Verbanic 2-4 L-Dobson 4-19 S-Womack(25) HR-Mantle 2(36) Pepitone(16) Whitaker(5)

NY 2, KC 1 W-Downing 11-14 L-Sanford 12-11 S-Womack(26) HR-Green(3)

Scores, September 30th

BOS 7, MIN 3 W-Lonborg 20-11 L-Merritt 17-11 HR-Carew(8) Rollins(5) Scott 2(27) 1 ISP Foy 2(20)

CHI 4, WAS 1 W-John 14-6 L-Ortega 9-20 S-Locker(21) HR-Howard(37) H.Allen(4)

BAL 1, CLE 0 W-Hardin 21-11 L-Siebert 17-14 HR-Powell(12)

DET 3, CAL 1 W-Wilson 21-10 L-McGlothlin 15-11 S-Gladding(30) HR-Wilson(5)

DET 4, CAL 3 W-McLain 19-7 L-Clark 9-15 S-Gladding(31)

KC 5, NY 4 (11inns) W-Aker 1-2 L-Tillotson 3-6 HR-Krausse(3) Mantle(37)GS 

The great Mickey Mantle
Mickey Mantle found the magic bottle of Geritol and upped his HR total to 37 with 3 in the 2 games he played on these dates. His grand slam on Saturday came in his first at bat and gave NY a 4-1 lead behind Mel Stottlemyre, so I removed him to let him go out on a high note. But Kansas City rallied and won the game as New York never scored again. "Why rush things?" quipped Jack Aker about his first win coming on the last day of September.

The Red Sox clinched second place with a decisive win over the Twins. Jim Lonborg became the league's sixth (!) 20-game winner. By comparison, my 1961 AL had two, and my 1965 AL had three.

Jim Hardin's astonishing 12th shutout tied him for 5th all-time. 

1 day and 6 games to go!


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