Saturday, March 5, 2016

Reese's Pieces: Friday, September 8th, 1967


MIN 8, BAL 5 W-Chance 17-9 L-Drabowsky 4-7 S-Worthington(22) HR-Allison(17) Reese(13)ph F.Robinson(24)

MIN 9, BAL 3 W-Merritt 15-9 L-Phoebus 15-9 HR-Reese 2(15)Johnson(7) Reese 4 rbi.

NY 7, BOS 3 W-Barber 4-1 L-Bell 12-9 HR-Kenney(7)ISP Mantle(34)R.Smith(14)

DET 5, CHI 1 W-Lolich 20-5 L-Horlen 11-14 Lolich retires the last 17 men in a row.

CLE 8, KC 4 W-Hargan 10-10 L-Dobson 4-15 S-Allen(6) HR-Campaneris(5)Sims(7)Hargan(2)

CAL 2, WAS 1 W-Clark 7-13 L-Knowles 2-6 S-Rojas(30)

Rich Reese of the Twins had lain mummified in the land of the Pharaohs since time immemorial (okay, so he missed a number of games with a painful tonsil), but when he was excavated and displayed at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium, he went bonkers. First he hit a pinch-hit 3-run jack in his first at-bat back. Then he homered twice more in the nightcap, with 4 rbi in that game and seven for the doubleheader. "I don't like birds," he chirped.

Mickey Lolich of Detroit became the league's first 20-game winner by mowing down the White Sox. (Nerd news: Lolich is only a BXZ pitcher, so he should be good, but he shouldn't be Sandy Koufax. But that's what he's been, all year. Not only that, but in 1967 he missed time with National Guard duty. However, in my replay, his J-3 has never been tripped off. Like so many Tigers, he's had golden luck.) Mickey's e.r.a. has shrunk to 1.64, by far the circuit's best.

The Red Sox, clinging to the tiniest sliver of hope, couldn't afford to lose to sore-armed has-been Steve "The Maglie" Barber and the silly Yankees at Fenway park, but they did. 

Kansas City can't pitch. Washington can't hit. (Neither one can field.) If I could combine KC's hitters and Washing-toon's pitchers, I'd have one half-decent team, and the other would go 0-162. Unfortunately, they both stink, but the Nats' ineptitude at the plate borders on the surreal. I pulled Darold Knowles out of the 'pen and put him in the rotation, and he pitched really well, but lack of offense (3 measly hits) and Mike "Super Jew" Epstein's error handed the win to the grateful Halos. "I smote him for not believing in My divinity," said Jesus, wearing an Angels cap. ("Super Jew" was actually his nickname. It's on his APBA card. The Goddess supports all faiths!)
Mike Epstein, pre-lightning strike.

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Casey said...

I support Rich Reese's black batting glove inside his fielding glove look; it's a real power move!