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Ricky Angel Part Two: Tuesday, September 12th, 1967


BOS 3, KC 0 W-Stange 18-5 L-Hunter 16-8 HR-Foy(17)

CLE 5, CHI 4 (12inns) W-Pena 2-5 L-Locker 9-7 HR-Colavito(8)Buford(3)ph

CHI 2, CLE 1 (10inns) W-Horlen 12-14 L-Allen 5-7 HR-Berry(6)Hanson(10)GW

BAL 3, DET 2 (12inns) W-Miller 7-3 L-Wickersham 2-2

CAL 5, NY 4 W-Rojas 5-2 L-Womack 5-6 S-Cimino(2) HR-White 2(3) 1 ISP

CAL 6, NY 5 W-Cimino 7-8 L-Womack 5-7 S-Rojas(31) HR-Reichardt(23)ph Tresh(23) Talbot(2)Kenny(8)ph

MIN 3, WAS 0 W-Chance 18-9 L-Coleman 3-17

Ricky Angel gets equal billing with Mickey Mouse, and good drugs from Uncle Walt
Ricky Angel, how we love him, la la la. All season, big Don Mincher has been the big gun in the Angels' lineup, while, until lately, Rick Reichardt had been so ordinary that he didn't even always play at all. Then Minch went cold while Ricky Angel started shoveling down Wheaties by the box full. At one point, Mincher led the team with 22 HR, and Reichardt was second with just 16. Two and a half weeks later, Mincher still has 22, but Ricky Angel has taken over the lead with 23! On Tuesday (pay up, Wimpy!) Rick pinch hit with two out and a man on first in the top of the ninth at Yankee Stadium and the Halos trailing by a run. I thought, "He's been red hot and homer-happy....could he do it again?" and lo and behold, he did. I hope my next door neighbor didn't hear the shriek that your Goddess let loose when he launched it. It was a pretty thrilling double dip, though Dooley "Drooly" Womack might beg to differ, taking the loss in both games. Hang down your head, old Drooly.

Lee Stange shut out the A's at Fenway, to keep the Red Sox in the race and ahead of the hard-charging Twins. Mister Stange's e.r.a. dipped below 2 with the whitewash. Acquired in '66 by the Bosox from Cleveland along with fireman Don McMahon in exchange for the now embalmed and forgotten Dick Radatz, Mr. Stange came cheap and has paid off big.

The Nats dropped their ceremonial 100th loss in typical style, being shut out for the mind-boggling 28th time this season. They exploded for three hits, all singles. It can't end soon enough for them. 

The Tigers, in command seemingly all season, are staggering to the finish line! Stormin' Norman Cash has been beset by a series of minor injuries which have had him in and out of the line-up, and the Tigers suddenly look human. A Curt Blefary hit undid Dave Wickersham and the Bengals. Wick was brought in to a tie game instead of Mike Marshall, who has seen his e.r.a. balloon from under 2 to over 4 in recent weeks, while Wick's was under 2 until Mr. Blefary ruined it all for him. Stu "Mrs. Miller" Miller picked up the win and sang some of your favorite tunes afterwards, in celebration. 
Mrs. Miller, who made utter lack of talent work for her.

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