Thursday, March 24, 2016

Salmon Ruins Everything: Saturday, September 23rd, 1967


BOS 6, BAL 3 W-Lonborg 19-11 L-Dillman 3-3 S-Lyle(1) HR-Andrews(10) Yaz(45)

CHI 4, CLE 0 W-John 13-6 L-McDowell 3-12 HR-Boyer(5)GS John 1-hitter, McDowell 12 K's.

CAL 6, KC 1 W-Clark 9-14 L-Dobson 4-18 HR-Monday(21)

MIN 6, NY 4 W-Merritt 17-10 L-Downing 10-14 S-Worthington(24) HR-Killebrew(39) Uhlaender(13)

"Must spawn!"
Tommy John of the White Sox made a bid for his second no-hitter of the season, getting one out in the ninth before Chico Salmon, in a desperate effort to spawn, socked a double but died out there at second base. "My life cycle was complete," he burbled.  Mid-season pick-up Ken Boyer had just broken a 0-0 tie in the top of the eighth with a grand slam for the Pale Hose.

A's rookie flyhawk Reggie Jackson celebrated getting the starting nod by dying immediately. He had 1 home run and 8 rbi to go with a .137 batting average. He's done for the year and probably doesn't have much of a future in the big leagues. "I've got a wonderful future behind me," he quipped, sounding a lot like Willie Nelson.

8 days and 31 games to go!
Adam Conover warns, "Don't settle for cheap imitations!"

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