Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thad Tillotson Target Practice: Tuesday, September 5th, 1967


CAL 9, BAL 8 W-Cimino 6-7 L-Miller 6-3 S-Rojas(28) HR-F.Robinson(23)Satriano(6)

CAL 9, BAL 6 W-Simmons 4-0 L-Brabender 4-7 S-Rojas(29) HR-Johnson(6)Blefary(27) Etchebarren(5)Cardenal(4)Knoop(10)Schaal(4)

KC 5, DET 4 W-Nash 7-14 L-Aguirre 11-7 S-Pierce(14) 

CLE 7, MIN 3 W-Siebert 13-13 L-Boswell 13-7 HR-Wagner(9)

CHI 11, NY 3 W-Peters 12-9 L-Peterson 11-13 HR-McCraw(8)Ward(23)Peters(2)

BOS 5, WAS 0 W-Brandon 4-3 L-Moore 3-10 HR-Yaz(40)

Thad Tillotson hits a batter, setting off this brawl at Yankee Stadium. Note useful umpire.
Beanball war in the Bronx! In the top of the fifth, with the normally mild White Sox bombing three home runs, Yankee starter Fritz Peterson drilled Chisox shortstop Ron Hansen with a purpose pitch. "All my wives were in the stands," explained Mr. Peterson. "I couldn't be made to look bad." In the bottom of the inning, White Sox hurler Gary Peters, who had been methodically mowing down the Yankees, took advantage of the big lead to get some revenge. First, he smashed reliever Thad Tillotson in the chops with a fastball. "I throw at anyone named Thad," said Peters. Then, two batters later, he landed a heater in the ribs of New York shortstop Jerry "They killed Kenny!" Kenney. "A shortstop for a shortstop," opined Mr. Peters, waxing biblical. In a blind fury, Mr. Tillotson took the hill in the top of the sixth and promptly beaned Tommie Agee. "Vengeance is mine," said Chisox first sacker Tom McCraw as he knee-capped Tillotson with a line drive to end his outing. Tillotson was carried from the field on a dumpster lid and thrown away for 15 games. "Violence never solves anything," preached Attila the Hun from the comfort of his box seat. "Can't we all just get along?"

Meanwhile in lesser news, the Indians finally won a game at Minnesota, after seven defeats. "Whee," deadpanned Tribe skipper Joe Adcock. "It makes me believe in unicorns."