Thursday, March 31, 2016

That's It!: Sunday, October 1st, 1967


BOS 2, MIN 1 W-Bell 16-9 L-Worthington 8-8 S-Wyatt(10) HR-Reese(17)

WAS 2, CHI 1 W-Knowles 4-6 L-Klages 2-5 S-Baldwin(25) 

CLE 8, BAL 0 W-McDowell 4-12 L-Phoebus 15-10 HR-Davalillo(3)

CAL 7, DET 5 W-Hamilton 7-7 L-Sparma 7-11 HR-Hamilton(2) McAuliffe(24) Mathews(6)

CAL 6, DET 5 W-Cimino 8-9 L-Dobson 1-4 S-Rojas(34) HR-Hall(9)

NY 5, KC 2 W-Peterson 13-14 L-Nash 7-18 S-Womack(27) 


Sam McDowell had a crappy season, but won 3 of his last 4 and looked like the Sudden Sam of old doing it.  Washington won 3 of their final 4. Baltimore lost 18 of their final 26.

There will be a big post with final team stats, final leader board, team capsules and other good stuff, whenever I can get all that together. 


Casey said...


highland518 said...

Well done! Finishing an entire season is a major accomplishment. I would love to do something like this, but it would take me a decade to finish it. I enjoyed reading your game summaries. Hope a new season is around the corner!

Fireblossom said...

Thanks, Casey!

Thanks, Highland. And yes, after the leader board and all, a new season will follow. I am still mulling which one, though!

stevemryan said...

This is another reason I love APBA, reading replay results with well written summaries. Nicely done and I really appreciate the updated league standings. I look forward to your next endeavor.