Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Mice That Roared: Wednesday & Thursday, September 20-21, 1967

Scores September 20th

CHI 3, CAL 2 W-McMahon 10-4 L-McGlothlin 14-10 S-Locker(20) HR-Ward 2(28)

CLE 6, BOS 4 W-Pena 3-5 L-Osinski 3-10 S-Culver(2) HR-Andrews(9) 

NY 1, DET 0 W-Stottlemyre 18-15 L-Wilson 19-10 HR-Kenney(9) Stottlemyre 1-hitter.

MIN 8, KC 2 W-Boswell 15-8 L-Nash 7-16 HR-Monday(20)isp All 13 Twins hits are singles.

WAS 2, BAL 1 W-Ortega 8-19 L-McNally 8-12 S-Baldwin(23) HR-H.Allen(3)

WAS 4, BAL 3 W-Baldwin 9-2 L-Drabowsky 4-8 HR-F.Robinson(25) Saverine walk-off single.

Scores September 21st

CLE 10, BOS 1 W-Tiant 14-18 L-Morehead 9-10 HR-Wagner(11)

KC 5, MIN 3 W-Segui 7-5 L-Kaat 12-14 S-Pierce(15)

BAL 6, WAS 2 W-Brabender 5-8 L-Pascual 6-19 HR-Blair(13)

Bob Saverine, after the trade and the lobotomy.
In a long season, even ne'er do wells have their moments. Let's start with Washington, who managed not only to prevent the Orioles' Jim Hardin from winning his 20th, but they swept a doubleheader as well! They took both games by one run, with the nightcap featuring a walk-off single by Bob Saverine! It would have been a double, had they needed it. Bob was delighted to punish his former team, who sent him the the Siberia of the American League, also known as the Senators. A loss the next day couldn't take the shine off the two wins on Wednesday.

The Indians hosted the Red Sox and promptly dashed their dim pennant hopes by taking two from the Bosox. The Indians staff leads the league in strikeouts, and yet they won on Wednesday without striking out a single batter! That's a very rare event indeed, in the late 60s (or today, for that matter.) The Tribe is on an unlikely 10-2 run. They had the league's worst record in August, but something has revived them. 

Meanwhile, the Twins botched a chance to tie the Red Sox for second place by losing to the lowly A's. In fact, the A's took the season series from the Twins, 10-8, the only team they have a winning mark against. The Twins only other losing record is against first place Detroit, so it's a head scratcher. One would think that the heavy hitting Minnesotans would batter the worst pitching staff in the league, but for some reason, the A's have their number, and they won Thursday's game despite making 4 errors. 

Pete Ward of the White Sox has followed up his homerless August by knocking down the fences in September, setting a personal best of 28 and counting. Then there is the Yankees' Jerry "They Killed Kenny!" Kenney, who hit his 9th home run in support of Mel Stottlemyre's 1-hit 1-0 win over the Tigers. Bill Freehan hit a single in the middle of the game, and that was it. The 9 home runs is more than Kenney actually hit in his entire 4 year MLB career.



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The Impossible Dream will, I suppose, remain both impossible and a dream. A city weeps.

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