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Tigers Clinch A Tie: Sunday, September 24th, 1967


BAL 4, BOS 2 W-Hardin 20-11 L-Osinski 3-11 S-Drabowsky(20) HR-Johnson(10) Blefary(28) 

CLE 3, CHI 2 W-Siebert 17-13 L-Peters 13-11 HR-Ward(29) Hinton(7)

CAL 7, KC 5 W-Hamilton 6-7 L-Krausse 4-16 S-Rojas(32) HR-Knoop(12) Hamilton(1) Webster 2(25) Webster 4 rbi.

MIN 3, NY 0 W-Perry 10-8 L-Peterson 12-14 HR-Perry(5) Perry 2-hitter.

DET 5, WAS 4 W-Marshall 9-6 L-Baldwin 9-3 S-Gladding(29) HR-Kaline 2(22) McAuliffe(23) Valentine 2(18) Valentine 4 rbi.

The Tigers clinched at least a tie for the pennant by outlasting the Senators on Sunday. It was quite a game, with the lowly last-place Nats putting up an unexpected fight!  At first, it looked like carnage as usual with Joe Coleman giving up a pair of runs in the top of the first inning on an Al Kaline home run. Al has never been to the Series and wants it badly! But the Nats took advantage of a Dick Tracewski error to come back in the bottom of the first to take a 3-2 lead. In the top of the sixth, with Washington leading 4-3 and three left-hand batters due up,  Dick "Let's Do Some" Lines was told to put away his mirror and credit card and go in there and pitch. He eventually found himself with two on and two out (having given up hits to two of those lefty hitters) and Dick Tracewski up. The dummy managing Washington, whoever she was, (Oh wait! It was Gil Hodges! Blame Gil Hodges!) contracted a sudden case of Brad Ausmus Disease, in which the sufferer leaves pitchers in for one batter too many. And so, Mr. Lines dealt to Mr. Tracewski, who redeemed himself with a game-tying single. THEN right-hander Casey Cox was summond to retire Don Wert. The game stayed tied at 4 until Dick McAuliffe stood in against Dave Baldwin in the top of the eighth. I just had a weird feeling he was going to crank it, and he did, for a 5-4 Detroit lead, which Fred Gladding made stand up to clinch at least a tie for the Tigers, whose magic number against both the Red Sox and Twins is one. However, victory came at a price. Al Kaline and Jim Northrup collided chasing a fly ball; Northrup hung on for the second out in the bottom of the 8th, but he will miss 2 games and Kaline 5, not returning until the final game of the season. Subs Gates Brown and Lenny Green were already injured from long ago, and Mickey Stanley had been used as a pinch hitter as had emergency outfielder Eddie Mathews, so the Tigers outfield for the last 4 outs, from left to right, was Price, Horton, Lumpe. (!) For the upcoming two-game set in New York, Eddie Mathews will once again have to dust off his outfielder's glove. 

Cleveland avoided the embarrassment of being swept all 9 home games by Chicago, by squeaking out a win on Sunday. The Tribe was hot until White Sox pitchers arrived in town; the Indians managed only six hits for the entire three-game series!

The Orioles came from behind to stun the Red Sox, with the recently struggling Moe Drabowsky coming on to fan all 6 batters he faced. It was a glum bunch of Bosox who watched victory slip away. Baltimore's Jim Hardin became the league's fourth 20-game winner.

5th starter or pop diva?
Meanwhile, Jim "Call Me Katy" Perry did it all against the Yankees in front of a capacity crowd in Minnesota. He hit a three-run home run, then made it stand up by twirling a 2-hit shutout. It was Jim's fifth HR of the year! I looked it up, and he only actually hit 5 in his entire career, but APBA gave him a 66-1 and he has made good use of it. 

Another hurler with a 66-1 is Jack Hamilton, who hit the Halos' first home run by a pitcher all season. I looked him up, too, and he never hit one for the Angels, so he must have hit at least one for the Mets before being acquired. My 1967 Box Score Book, which tells me everything from each game's umpires to the attendance, only covers the AL. 

7 days and 26 games to go! The Tigers' magic number is 1.

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