Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Two More Twenty Game Winners: Friday, September 22nd, 1967


BOS 4, BAL 3 W-Stange 20-5 L-Drabowsky 4-9 S-Wyatt(9) HR-Smith(15)ph Johnson(9)

BOS 4, BAL 3 W-Bell 15-9 L-Richert 10-12 S-Osinski(12) HR-Jones(7) Scott(25)

CHI 1, CLE 0 W-Horlen 13-15 L-Hargan 10-12 HR-McCraw(9) Horlen 2-hitter.

KC 5, CAL 1 W-Hunter 18-8 L-Brunet 14-12 

MIN 5, NY 1 W-Chance 20-9 L-Monbouquette 14-7 HR-Killebrew(38) Rollins(3)

DET 5, WAS 1 W-McLain 18-7 L-Bertaina 8-18 HR-Cash(39) Northrup(14) 

DET 12, WAS 4 W-Aguirre 12-8 L-Moore 3-11 HR-Valentine(16) Peterson(9) Howard(33)

Lee Stange, unexpected ace
Boston, desperately trying to keep their hopes alive, rallied from a 3-2 deficit in the 9th inning against the Orioles' Moe Drabowsky when Jerry Adair singled and Reggie Smith came off the bench to smack a two-run pinch tater. Drabowsky has seen his e.r.a. rise from a stellar 1.17 earlier in the month, to over 2 now. In the nightcap it was the Orioles' turn to rally, but it fell short and the Birds fell to their 14th loss in their last 20 games. The Red Sox' Lee Stange has won 9 straight decisions and hasn't lost since July 28th, to become the league's second 20 game winner, along with Mickey Lolich of the Tigers. Meanwhile, the White Sox won to pass the hapless Orioles for 4th place.

"We're gonna get high high high as the noonday sun!"
Bill Monbouquette left his beaver traps and his squaw wife's Indian poultices, declared himself healed, and came down from French Canada by canoe to hook up in a pitching duel with the Twins' Dean Chance. However, an 8th inning 3-run blast off the bat of Rich Rollins made a winner of the Twins and Mr. Chance, who rose to 20-9. 

Denny McLain, who does not know what you mean about gamblers.
Did you think maybe the Senators would jump up and bite the Tigers again? Silly you! The two teams played a twi-night doubleheader (with an off day Saturday...fall football at RFK Stadium, maybe?) and the Tigers demolished the ridiculous Nats with a pair of complete games from their starters. In the opener, Denny McLain won his 12th straight decision dating all the way back to July 8th (!) and lowered his e.r.a. solidly below 2. (He's only a CYZ. More Tigers luck!) In the nightcap, the Nats exploded for 3 homers, but still got thumped by the Tigers' "B" team, which I put in there because the regulars were looking pretty gassed lately. Hank Aguirre went the distance and was backed up by scads of hits from the likes of Jerry Lumpe and Ray Oyler, and was helped along by 4 errors by the generous and fumbling Nats. This leaves Minnesota within a whisker of elimination, and the Tigers sitting in the catbird's seat.

Just 9 days and 35 games left.


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