Friday, April 8, 2016

Hand Me The Glory!: Wednesday, April 9th, 1969


CHI 2, PHI 0 W-Hands 1-0 L-G.Jackson 0-1 HR-Hickman(1) Hands NO-HITTER.

NY 6, MON 3 W-Koosman 1-0 L-Grant 0-1 HR-C.Jones(1) Agee(1)

STL 7, PIT 3 W-Carlton 1-0 L-Ellis 0-1 HR-Oliver(1) Shannion(1) Javier(1)

SF 10, ATL 6 W-McCormick 1-0 L-Raymond 0-1 HR-Bonds(1) McCormick(1) Carty(1) Cepeda(1)

LA 10, CIN 3 W-Sutton 1-0 L-Merritt 0-1 HR-Davis(1) Kosco(1) Perez(1)

HOU 10, SD 1 W-LeMaster 1-0 L-Santorini 0-1

Bill Hands of the Cubs no-hit the flailing Phillies on Wednesday, fanning 9 and allowing only one baserunner, Larry Hisle on a 5th-inning walk. Could it be the Cubbies' year?!?

Jim Merritt's NL debut was rocky to say the least, as the Dodgers got even for the drubbing they received on opening day. Andy Kosco was so pleased by his homer that he immediately opened a chain of bulk discount stores in celebration. "Need 47 cans of peas?" He even had the bat boy push him around the bases in an oversized grocery cart. 

Spacemen came and were mean to me!
The Pods would really love for a starter to last beyond the middle of the 3rd inning. Yesterday Dick Selma departed in that inning with an injury, and today Al Santorini was simply lit up like a launch pad by the Spacemen from Houston. After the 'Stros had bashed and bullied him to the tune of 8 runs, Santorini's mom came out on the field and made them stop, then took her crying son home. It may be a little difficult for Al to fit in in the clubhouse after that, but we'll see.


Casey Brough said...

Hands across America! Or at least across Chicago!

BTW, I have a new player for you to follow in my '53 replay: Dick Kryhoski. There isn't much to root for on the Browns besides the few times Satchel Paige makes an appearance, so they could use a rapid supporter.

Fireblossom said...

Consider him adopted, Casey, by kindly old "Ma" Fireblossom.