Tuesday, April 5, 2016

More Openers, And A Request!: Tuesday, April 8th, 1969


CHI 10, PHI 1 W-Jenkins 1-0 L-Wise 0-1 HR-Briggs(1) Williams(1) Williams 4 rbi.

NY 4, MON 3 W-Seaver 1-0 L-Robertson 0-1 S-McGraw(1) HR-Shamsky(1) Kranepool(1)

STL 6, PIT 0 W-Gibson 1-0 L-Veale 0-1 HR-Brock(1) Gibson 1-hitter. Brock 4 rbi.

ATL 6, SF 5 (11inns) W-Upshaw 1-0 L-Linzy 0-1 HR-McCovey(1) Clete Boyer walk-off double.

HOU 5, SD 4 (10inns) W-Ray 1-0 L-Reberger 0-1 S-Womack(1) HR-Blefary(1)

Wayne Garrett. He is not the same as Rod Gaspar. Who knew?
Both expansion teams fought hard in their inaugural outings, but both wound up on the short end of the score. Rod Gaspar came up with the tie-breaking pinch hit in the 8th.

Bob Gibson tried to out-do Juan Marichal by tossing a no-hitter on Opening Night, but he, too, was undone in the 8th inning. Pinch hitter Jose Pagan performed a ritual in the on-deck circle involving candles and rodent bones, then stepped in and made the Pirates' only hit, a sharp single. Kindly Mister Gibson said, "Bless you, Sir. Have a wonderful day!" Or not.

The Astros made me feel like '67 AL never ended, with Womack getting the save and Blefary the blast. The Pads had rallied from a 3-0 deficit to take a 4-3 lead, all on unearned runs, but Blefary's homer tied it up again. Then Joe Morgan delivered an rbi triple in the top of the tenth. Both came off hapless Friar reliever Mister Reberger. "I must pray about this," he said as he retired to his cell. 

Reader Steve wants to see the new dice.

They arrived all the way from England, just in time for Opening Day! 

Roll those laughin' bones
They have rounded edges, which I like, and are beautifully symmetrical. It's amazing how many dice aren't, and therefore cannot be official 1969 NL dice! I have to have 10mm or 8mm to be usable with my deluxe roller box. These are 10. All is groovy and I'm livin' La Dolce Vita 1969 style, what can I say?


stevemryan said...

I like it! Did you make your dice tower because I like the pipe idea.

Fireblossom said...

Oh goodness no, I'm not handy. It was a gift.

Mama Zen said...

That's a lot of dice!

Fireblossom said...

Oh geez. It really was Rod Gaspar who got the winning hit, not Wayne Garrett. I can see I'm going to be mixing those two up for a while. Anyway, I have corrected it!