Sunday, April 24, 2016

No More Wire Hangers!: Tuesday, April 15th, 1969


PIT 5, CHI 2 W-Bunning 1-1 L-Holtzman 0-2 S-Dal Canton(1) HR-Pagan(1) Hickman(2) Pagan 4-for-4, 5 rbi.

STL 11, MON 8 W-Torrez 1-0 L-Jaster 0-2 HR-Wills(2) Robert Johnson 5 for 5.

NY 3, PHI 2 W-Gentry 2-0 L-J.Johnson 1-1 S-McGraw(2) HR-Agee(2)

CIN 5, SF 4 W-Fisher 2-0 L-Linzy 0-2 Alex Johnson GW SF.

ATL 4, HOU 2 W-Jarvis 1-0 L-Wilson 0-2 S-Doyle(1) 

LA 12, SD 4 W-Moeller 1-0 L-Santorini 0-2 HR-Pena(1) Fairly(2) Crawford(2)GS Crawford 5 rbi.

At Chicago, the Pirates' Jose Pagan invoked saints and spirits to empower him, resulting in his driving in all 5 runs for the Buccos. After the game, he tried to sacrifice reliever Bruce Dal Canton, but was stopped by security. 
Robert Johnson???...

or Robert Johnson?
The Redbirds continued their blazing start, with Vada Pinson ripping 3 doubles and a triple, and reserve infielder Robert Johnson chiming in with 5 hits--all singles--and then releasing a single of "Crossroad Blues". 

Paul "Call me Popeye!" Doyle saved the win for the Braves, as he handcuffed the Houston hitters. *groan*

Finally, Willie "Call me Joan!" Crawford cranked a grand slam and an rbi single for 5 rbi as the Dodgers spanked the Padres 12-4. Crawford now leads the team in rbi with 7, even though he has only batted 8 times. After the game, he complained about wire hangers in the clubhouse and kept calling for someone named Christina. Dodger skipper Walter Alston said he just thought Crawford had on too much make-up and let it go at that, even as Crawford sipped from a flask and commanded the clubhouse attendant to get his agent on the phone. So L.A.!


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stevemryan said...

I know at some point the Cards will lose, but come on already! Every time the Cards lose an angel gets it's wings!