Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cardinals Peck Phillies To Death: Friday, April 25th, 1969


CHI 4, NY 3 W-Holtzman 1-2 L-Gentry 3-1 S-Regan(3) HR-Santo(4)

STL 6, PHI 4 W-Giusti 1-1 L-J.Johnson 1-3 S-Hoerner(3) All 13 Cardinal hits are singles.

MON 7, PIT 2 W-Jaster 1-2 L-Bunning 1-2 HR-Clendenon(6) Laboy(2)

LA 2, ATL 1 W-Osteen 3-0 L-Jarvis 2-1 S-Mikkelsen(2)

CIN 4, SD 2 W-Fisher 3-1 L-Santorini 0-4 HR-Tolan(1) May(2)

HOU 9, SF 3 W-Wilson 1-3 L-Bolin 1-2 HR-Wynn(5) Menke(1)

"Hi! I stink!"
Bob "Bolin For Dollars" Bolin coughed up a five-spot to the resurgent Spacemen in the first inning at Candelstick Park. Despite three Houston errors, all on balls hit by Bobby Bonds, the Giants could never overcome the deficit. The Astros, meanwhile, have taken four straight and their bats have finally come alive.

"Behold my return, and weep!"
While on the subject of belligerent bozos, the Expos have won three in a row. Friday they visited Forbes Field and three former Pirates--Mota, Clendenon and Wills--did their best to make the Buccos regret trading them away. Along with the injured Bob Bailey, Montreal seems to be the mid-60s Pirates reunion team. Clendenon has quietly become the league leader in home runs! "I may refuse to report to the top of the list," he warned this reporter.

The Redbirds sentenced the Phils to death by a thousand cuts, or at least, by 13 singles. A safety patrol boy from a nearby elementary school was stationed near first base to prevent any Cardinal from stepping towards second base and possibly being hit by a car. Hey, Philly is the City of Brotherly Love, after all!

"I can't see anything"
Yankee reject Pete Mikkelsen really earned his save against the Braves, fanning Tommie Aaron and Felix Millan with runners at second and third to finish off the Atlantans. "There's life in the old boy yet," he proclaimed, peering myopically through thick glasses. We see that, Pete! (weird note: Mikkelson does not have a Topps baseball card after 1968, even though he pitched for the Dodgers from 1969-72. I have no idea why. I just discovered it when I searched images of him.)

APBA Nerd Note: the first season I bought, and played, was the 1979 set that came with my first APBA game, in 1980. I just bought the reissue and they have upgraded several of the pitchers who saw their grades diminished for lack of innings in the original set. This is good, because my replay was overly offensive, especially the American League. I played it straight out of the box, no modifications. I'd love to play it again with all I've learned and implemented since, and see how differently it might come out. For me, way back when, the Brewers, Twins, Phils and Reds won their divisions, and the Twins took the Reds in six games in the World Series. Tom Seaver pitched both of Cincy's wins. The Twins hit .298 as a team for the season!



stevemryan said...

I also first started playing APBA in 1980 with the 1979 set. Out of my respect for baseball, my first game was between the Blue Jays and Braves. I figured no one would care of I struggled with the learning curve for the game with such terrible teams. Still playing after all of these years because it is the Best Game Ever!

Fireblossom said...

Oh gosh Steve, that Braves team was one of the terrible trinity of NL west crappiness--Braves, Giants and Padres.

I game ever.