Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Do The Walk (Off): Tuesday, April 22nd, 1969


PHI 4, NY 3 W-Boozer 1-1 L-Cardwell 0-3 S-Wilson(3) HR-D.Johnson(2) Agee(3)

CHI 7, PIT 5 W-Aguirre 1-0 L-Moose 0-2 S-Regan(2) HR-Santo(2) Smith(3) Stargell(3)

PIT 4, CHI 0 W-Blass 3-0 L-Nye 0-2

STL 4, MON 3 W-Washburn 2-1 L-Wegener 1-1 S-Hoerner(2) HR-Clendenon(4) Bateman(1)

HOU 3, CIN 2 (10inns) W-Womack 1-1 L-Arrigo 0-1 HR-Perez(5) Martinez walk-off triple.

LA 4, SF 2 W-Singer 2-2 L-Marichal 1-2 HR-Burda(1) Kosco(3) Crawford(4) Sudakis(1) Kosco 2-run walk-off HR.

ATL 10, SD 0 W-P.Niekro 2-2 L-Sisk 1-1 HR-Millan(1) H.Aaron(4) P.Niekro 2-hitter.

"Watch me pop a triple!"
Houston finally won one, when spare part Marty Martinez--starting in place of Norm "Normal Norm" Miller--ripped a triple to drive in....Normal Norm Miller, who had gotten on with a pinch single.  Imagine Dave Bristol's chagrin when, having burned up his decent relievers, called the bullpen in the 10th inning only to be told he had his choice between Arrigo and Cloninger. He chose the less terrible hurler (so far) but it made no difference. Martinez made short work of the Reds' lefty punching bag.
Why is this man smiling?

In LA, Andy Kosco launched a 2-run game-winning shot off of Juan Marichal, filling your impartial Goddess with disgust, as she does not especially like the '69 Dodgers. The Tinseltown nine hung around and hung around, despite falling behind 2-0 early. Sudakis homered to make it 2-1, Willie "Call me Joan" Crawford homered to tie it (in her most stirring role yet!), and then Kosco the Human Bulk Store homered to win it. These Dodgers are averaging a HR per game, which surely cannot continue. Your impartial Goddess is thinking that, if Crawford dares to hit any more homers, she will be left with no choice but to call in Bette Davis to put a stop to it.
"Oh, knock it off!"

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