Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Goose Egg Hunt! : Thursday, April 24th, 1969


STL 3, CHI 1 W-Carlton 3-1 L-Hands 3-1 HR-Carlton(1)

MON 4, PHI 0 W-Grant 1-3 L-Jackson 1-2 HR-Clendenon(5) Jones(2)

PIT 5, NY 0 W-Ellis 2-2 L-Koosman 2-2 HR-Alley(1) Pirates 3rd straight shutout win.

HOU 9, SD 0 W-LeMaster 2-2 L-Roberts 1-2 HR-Wynn(4) LeMaster 2-hitter.

CIN 8, LA 0 W-Merritt 1-2 L-Moeller 2-1 HR-May(1) May 4 rbi.

ATL 2, SF 1 W-Pappas 2-0 L-McCormick 2-1 S-Upshaw(2)

Pods manager Gomez may have to put Thing in the line-up.
Poor Padres. They have lost their last three games by a combined score of 26-1, scoring their only run on a suicide squeeze. 

Lee May of the Reds finally hit a home run, but he didn't use either of his 1's. He rolled a 6 with a man on third. No matter! He had a single, double, homer, 3 runs scored and 4 rbi as the Rhinelanders swept 2 from the division-leading Dodgers. 


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stevemryan said...

Love your use of Rhinelander to refer to Cincinnati. Over the Rhine is one of my favorite singing groups so I was proud to ge the reference right away!