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Saturday In The Park, Death & Destruction Edition: Saturday, April 19th, 1969


CHI 2, MON 1 W-Jenkins 2-0 L-Robertson 0-2 HR-Staub(1)

PIT 8, PHI 3 (10inns) W-Ellis 2-1 L-Wilson 1-1 HR-Oliver 2(3)

NY 2, STL 0 W-Koosman 2-1 L-Carlton 2-1 Koosman 1-hitter.

ATL 13, CIN 5 W-Pappas 1-0 L-Merritt 0-2 HR-Carty(4) Cepeda 4 rbi.

LA 6, HOU 2 W-Sutton 3-0 L-LeMaster 1-2 HR-Wynn(1)

SF 4, SD 0 W-McCormick 2-0 L-Roberts 1-1 HR-McCovey(4)GS

"Ow! Who left this darn trophy here?"
The Mets and Redbirds hooked up in an absolutely classic pitching duel between Jerry Koosman and Lefty Carlton, won by the Mets 2-0. The only Cardinals hit was a sharply hit single in the sixth by Lou Brock. The Mets got off the schneid, finally winning their first in 5 tries against the St. Louisans. The loss cost the Cardinals more than pride; rbi leader Vada Pinson went down for two weeks after a cat knocked him off the feeder, and third sacker Mike Shannon will miss a couple of games after being trampled by the Clydesdales. 

The Buccos have come to life ever since Roberto Clemente and Al Oliver both came back from injury. They have won their last three, putting up a five-spot in the 10th inning on Saturday against Phillie fireman Billy Wilson to silence the Shibe Park faithful.

The Spacemen have a bad case of noodle bats, and although Jim Wynn finally hit one out, they have lost 9 of 10 since winning their first two at home against the Pods. After being no-hit yesterday by Bill Singer, Don Sutton held them hitless on Saturday for the first 13 batters, before Dennis "Menke's Monkey" Menke finally dribbled a single to break the spell. The 'Stros ultimately exploded for 3 hits. Sheesh.

"If ya can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with baloney!"
Willie McCovey gave the Giants a 4-0 lead after just 4 batters in the bottom of the first at Candlestick Park, and when Jim "Couch me!" Davenport hit a single next, it looked like a short afternoon for Padre hurler Dave Roberts. But hold the phone! After a quick prayer, he and the rest of the Monks righted the ship as he and Giants lefty Mike "Spicy" McCormick matched zeroes the rest of the way. No matter. The 4 runs held up as the Friars were blanked for the first time ever. 

Enjoy this 30-minute time-lapse photograph of Rico Carty getting a hit and running to first!
Jim Merritt of the Reds has not found NL competition enjoyable so far, as the Braves knocked him from pillar to post. Rico Carty belted his third HR in two games at Cincy, but then departed for the next three weeks with lead posioning he got from his feet. (Har de har!) When Mr. Carty was felled, I looked in my book to see what injury had made him a J-3. Apparently, none. Despite hitting .342 with umpteen homers and 58 rbi, he played just 78 games in the Braves outfield in '69. He is lead-footed, and extremely prone to hitting into double plays, but he also has fearsome power and hits for a very high average. He would have played daily for me, had he not passed out with his face in the water fountain. He will now be replaced by the rather pedestrian Mike Lum.

Speaking of getting off the schneid, not only did the Mets beat the Cards and Jim Wynn hit a HR for the Astros, but Rusty Staub also hit his long-awaited inaugural blast for Les Expos. This leaves only the Reds' Lee May as a noted slugger without a HR so far, though he does have 5 doubles.  


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