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A Young Champion Emerges: Saturday, May 3rd, 1969


NY 1, CHI 0 (12inns) W-R.Taylor 1-2 L-Abernathy 0-4 HR-Gaspar(1)

PIT 10, MON 2 W-Veale 3-2 L-Wegener 1-3 HR-Oliver(4)

PHI 2, STL 1 W-Champion 2-0 L-Washburn 3-2 HR-Ryan(3)

LA 5, ATL 3 (12inns) W-Mikkelsen 1-2 L-Raymond 1-2 S-Brewer(1) HR-H.Aaron(5)

CIN 6, SD 2 W-Merritt 2-3 L-Roberts 1-4 HR-Savage(1)

SF 10, HOU 8 W-Bryant 2-1 L-LeMaster 2-4 S-Linzy(2) HR-Dietz(3)

"Here it is, hit it!" Oops.
Ron "Insta-loss" Taylor found a mound opponent even more unlucky than himself when Ted Abernathy came on to secure his 4th loss in relief out of the Cubs' pen. A long ball by the unlikely Rod Gaspar broke up a scoreless duel. Jerry Koosman and Bill Hands had pitched most of the game before giving way to the firemen. Ron Santo had 3 hits for the baby bruins; the rest of the line-up almost nothing.

"Gosh! Somebody buy me a celebratory glass of milk!"
Young Billy Champion had rotted away at the end of the bench in the Phillies bullpen all year, appearing only once, pitching three and a third shutout innings for the win in a wild extra inning game at Forbes Field back in April. He only appeared then because nobody else was left. However, John Boozer, unable to shake rumors of drunkenness and the flat fact of his ineffectiveness,  was booted from the Quaker rotation and Young Master Billy was inserted against the Redbirds this day at Busch Stadium. His mound opponent? The famed Bob Gibson. Gibson lasted only an inning, though, before having to depart with an injury--he has won just one game despite a fabulous e.r.a and the Cardinals' torrid start--and Ray Washburn had to step in in relief. He and his infant mound opponent dueled scorelessly into the 7th, when Mike Ryan launched a two-run blast. Champion did allow a run eventually, but he fanned ten and downed the Redbirds 2-1 for his second win and first as a starter. All his teammates mobbed the apple-cheeked young chucker except for John Boozer, who staggered around muttering something resentful. 

By the way....your infallible Goddess messed up due to a weirdly printed schedule and neglected to play the Cards-Pirates game on the docket for May 1st. They were scheduled to play a 4 game series, the first 3 in April, and so the odd 4th game was on the next line down. And so, the season's first--and hopefully only--"rain-out" will be made up on May 5th, a day everyone has off as teams prepare for cross-divisional play. The Cards will have to travel from St. Looie to Forbes and then back, while the Buccos simply stay put. Your infallible Goddess blames reader Steve, who, after seeing the Bucs drop the first 3 games, prayed to a prohibited deity and made it rain, hoping for a better performance later by the Pirate nine. In the meantime, both teams have action on Sunday the 4th.

Harry Walker, a sad bitter man.
Astro lefty Denver LeMaster was unable to hold a 7-2 lead and left the game in disgrace, much to the amusement of mop-up man turned winning pitcher Ron Bryant. Marty Martinez kicked two grounders at shortstop and Julio Gotay booted one at second base just to help the San Franciscans along. The Spacemen remain just a half game ahead of the last-place Padres, while the Giants moved ahead of the Braves into third. In a fit of childish pique, 'Stros skipper Harry Walker whined, "Ya don't make it rain inside the Dome, do ya Reader Steve? Ya don't help *us* out, do ya?" Walker was then gently led away to a place where he can get help for talking to people no one can see.

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