Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Interim Post

Hello, dear readers. While I am lost in end of month stat time--I have finished the east, but have 3 west games plus stats to do--here are pictures of the Cardinal-Pirate game just as the umps yell "Play ball!" (Umps cannot be seen because, well, because they're shy.

You'll notice my Sparkling Crack, er, Ice close at hand. The Cardinal reserves are out of frame on the left. They're shy, too.

Here you get a good view of Forbes Field. If you look out in the parking lot you'll see Officer Friendly on patrol. He catches runaways. Runaway dice, that is. He is strategically placed and has yet to be charged with any errors!

Finally, here is my new assistant manager, the excellent strategist Mister Zac! He makes sure that I know when it's time to stop for snack time! 


stevemryan said...

Mister Zac favors getting a good lead. I am sure his back leg is on the base while his front paw is halfway to swiping the next bag!

Fireblossom said...

Steve, Zac is very definitely a speed merchant and a pilferer! :-)