Sunday, June 12, 2016

"Nothing Is Better For Thee, Than Me!" Quakers Fall To Cellar: Tuesday, April 29th, 1969


MON 7, NY 6 (10inns) W-McGinn 2-0 L-R.Taylor 0-2 HR-Clendenon(7)GW Laboy(3)

CHI 4, PHI 0 (11inns) W-Holtzman 2-2 L-G.Jackson 1-3 HR-Hundley(2) Holtzman 2-hitter.

STL 7, PIT 2 W-Carlton 4-1 L-Ellis 2-3 HR-Hicks(1) Stargell(4) Carlton 11 K's.

HOU 9, ATL 7 W-Wilson 2-3 L-Pappas 2-1 S-Ray(1) HR-Wynn(6) Menke(2) Lum(1)

LA 10, SD 1 W-Osteen 4-0 L-Santorini 0-5 S-McBean(1) HR-Fairly(3) Haller(2)

CIN 8, SF 3 W-Fisher 4-1 L-Bolin 1-3 HR-A.Johnson (3) May(3) Perez(7) May 4 rbi.

"I dreamed I was really on the other team!"
Ron "Instant Loss" Taylor emerged from the Mets bullpen, where firebugs are sent by the court, and immediately served up a walk-off home run to Donn Clendenon, who had been silent all game until then. With the win, Les Expos rise to the giddy heights of 5th place, while the Mets continue to look like, well, the Mets.

"Watch me mow down the Phillies!"
The Cubs and Phillies hooked up in a quite thrilling 0-0 duel between Ken Holtzman and Grant Jackson at Shibe Park. Batter after batter went down as the two hurlers battled inning after inning. Then in the top of the 11th, backstop Randy Hundley launched a 2-run homer off the tiring Mr. Jackson. The Cubbies added two more off the Quaker bullpen and Holtzman shut down the Phils in the bottom of the inning for an 11 inning 2-hitter, dropping the Phils to the cellar. Rich Allen, who had just returned to the line-up, was suspended mid-game by Phillies skipper Bob Skinner for not washing his car between innings. Rich will miss the next 14 games, which is extremely bad news for the already stumbling ballclub. They do get John Callison back next game, though.

"Who needs Pinson when you have studs like us?"
The Cardinals won again. Nothing can stop them. Vada Pinson's latest replacement, Jim Hicks, who has a terrible card, nonetheless has a "1" at 66 and rolled it. Of course he did.  After that, the Redbirds were off and running.

Don Wilson appeared to have the win in the bag when he handed the game off to fireman Fred Gladding, but Fred got knocked around, as did Dooley Womack. Finally, Jim Ray had to be summoned to nail down the win. Save-Ray? C'est Vrai!

Al McBean collects the save.
Old pal Al McBean picked up the garbage save against his former mates the Pods. Weeping sentimentally together about the glorious couple of weeks they spent together, the Friar hitters couldn't see the ball for all the tears. Infielder Juan Arcia got out of traction and back into the line-up and collected three hits and two stolen bases, but also committed his 8th miscue. Al Santorini lost for the 5th time, making pundits wonder whether he can drop 30 before it's all said and done. "I'm the reverse Dizzy Dean!" he crowed.

"Man do I ever stink."
Finally, Bobby "Bolin For Dollars" Bolin lasted just 3 frames against Cincinnati, getting his brains bashed in for his trouble. Fat Jack Fisher, who loved me as a Met in '65, still loves me as a Red in '69, and showed it by picking up another win and another complete game. "Pay no attention to my D rating," he chuckled. "I'm a flamethrowing ace hurler!"



stevemryan said...

The Cardinals are due for a record setting losing streak!

Fireblossom said...

Steve, they seem to have the same APBA luck that my '67 Tigers had, at least so far. They have excellent starting pitching, and just enough hitting, but I can't believe they keep it up at this pace.