Sunday, July 3, 2016

Birds Fall Off The Feeder: Sunday & Monday, May 4th & 5th, 1969

Scores, May 4th:

CHI 2, NY 0 W-Holtzman 3-2 L-McAndrew 1-5 Holtzman 1-hitter.

NY 3, CHI 0 W-Gentry 4-1 L-Selma 0-3  Gentry 1-hitter.

MON 4, PIT 2 W-Robertson 2-2 L-Ellis 2-4 HR-Stargell(6) Staub(5) Laboy(6)

PHI 6, STL 3 (16inns) W-Raffo 1-0 L-C.Taylor 3-1 HR-Briggs(2) Ryan(4)

ATL 12, LA 3 W-Pappas 3-1 L-Singer 3-4 S-Raymond(2) HR-W.Davis(5) H.Aaron(6) H.Aaron 4 rbi.

SD 5, CIN 3 W-Santorini 1-5 L-Fisher 4-2 HR-Rose(8) A.Johnson(4)

CIN 6, SD 5 (13inns) W-Carroll 1-1 L-Kelley 1-1 HR-Stewart(1) 

SF 16, HOU 7 W-Bolin 2-3 L-Wilson 2-4  McCovey 4 rbi.

Score, May 5th (make-up game from May 1st.)

PIT 18, STL 6 W-Bunning 2-3 L-Giusti 2-2 HR-Oliver(5) Alley(2)  Shannon 4 rbi, Oliver 4 rbi, Sanguillen 4 runs, Hebner 4 rbi, Pirates 24 hits.

"Go ahead, try and hit me!"
Ken Holtzman tossed his second blank job in a row, and has given up just three hits in the two games. Not to be outdone, Gary Gentry stopped the baby bruins on one hit in the nightcap. Both pitchers gave up a double in the third inning. Holtzman's mound opponent, Jim McAndrew and Cub shortstop Don Kessinger got the two-baggers.

Late homers by Staub and Laboy enabled the Expos to rally past the inconsistent Pirates.

"Behold my works, ye mighty!"
The Cardinals, sore from being beaten by Billy Champion and the lowly Phils on Saturday, scored three in the first two innings on Sunday to take a 3-0 lead. The Quakers managed to tie it later, though, and the game went into extra innings, as threat after threat by the Cardinals was turned back by Dick "Fossil" Farrell. Finally, the Redbirds had to bring on Chuck Taylor, who had been scheduled to start on Monday, and he set down the Phils in the 13th, 14th and 15th innings before serving up a three run shot to Mike Ryan, hitting hero of Saturday's game. Al Raffo nailed down the win for Philadelphia, as they took two of three from St. Louis. 

"I really blow chunks!"
Bob "Bolin For Dollars" Bolin took the mound for the Giants at the Astrodome, and although the SF nine poured runs across the plate like water over Niagra Falls, he is still Bob Bolin and couldn't make it to the end without relief help. The Giants scored 16 times and the Astros 7 without either team ever hitting a home run! The Giants were able to send the likes of Bobby Etheridge and Cesar Gutierrez out onto the field with fear of no man, so great was their lead.

In Atlanta, Claude Raymond collected the garbage save as the west race got crazy close. Al Santorini of the Padres finally managed to not suck and break into the win column as the Friars nearly swept the Reds but were turned back by Ted "Silly" Savage's walk-off double in the 13th inning off Dick Kelley, who failed to retire anyone.

On Monday, the Cards were forced to trot out Dave Giusti again as a starter, just when he had made it safely back to the bullpen with the return of Nelson Briles to full glowing health. Giusti was lit up like a 4th of July firework by the relentless Buccos, who banged out 24 hits and scored in all 8 innings in which they batted. Giusti had beaten the Pirates just days ago, but the Steel Town nine had had enough of going down meekly before the Cardinals. (They were 0-6 against them before this game, and had shown little sign of their potent offense.) This was the Redbirds' third straight loss (ring them bells, Reader Steve!) and with the Pirates having bagged 24 or more hits for the third time already this young season, one wonders if they can find consistency and be a factor. For now, as all 12 teams prepare for the start of cross-divisional play beginning Tuesday, it's raining hits!



stevemryan said...

18-6 Karma and lots of angels receiving wings! I hope the slide to sub .500 is swift and painful for the redbirds.

Fireblossom said...

Sub .500! Don't be a h8ter, Steve! :-)