Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cardinal Nosedive Continues: Wednesday, May 7th, 1969


LA 6, CHI 1  W-Moeller 4-2 L-Jenkins 4-1  HR-Parker(1) Fairly(5)

CIN 6, NY 2  W-Nolan 1-0 L-Cardwell 0-4  HR-May(5) Bench(2) Grote(2)

PHI 13, HOU 8  W-Wise 2-3 L-Griffin 0-5  HR-Edwards(1) Briggs(3) Briggs 4 rbi.

SD 3, PIT 2  W-Kelley 2-1 L-Hartenstein 2-1 S-Reberger(4)

SF 9, STL 1  W-Marichal 4-2 L-Washburn 3-3

ATL 3, MON 2  W-P.Niekro 4-2 L-Jaster 2-3

Dave Ricketts. Baseball god, or your old high school science teacher?
The Giants beat the Cardinals brains in, even without McCovey. It was the Redbirds' 5th straight loss, more losses than they had in all of April.  Joe Torre, behind the plate in place of the injured Tim McCarver, lost a digit to a foul tip in the top of the first inning, and had to give way to third string backstop Dave Ricketts, who drove in the only St. Louis run. Torre sportingly clapped for his teammate with what remained of his hands.

At Shibe Park, the Quakers built a 13-0 lead in the first three innings before Astro hurlers Griffin and Guinn were retired to a bomb shelter. However, the spacemen kept chipping away at newly-healed Rick Wise, and made a game of it before it was all over. Nonetheless, the Phils were the only east division team to win on this day.

He's got the moves.
The Padres employed 4 pitchers to get through the 8th inning at Pittsburgh, but they held the fort, and Frank "Double" Reberger held on in the 9th this time, making a genius of Pod skipper Gomez. Again! All but one of their wins have been by one run, and the other was by 2.  

At Shea, Johnny Bench smacked his first homer since opening day, exactly a month ago. Reds manager Dave Bristol told Bench to stop acting like some kind of spray hitting shortstop from Latin America, and big John responded.  Chucker Gary Nolan was just glad to finally get a decision. "I felt invisible until now," he told his therapist, in tears. Chin up, Gare. Your team is tied for first place! 

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