Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dem Bones, Dem Bones Gonna Walk Around: Monday, May 12th, 1969


CHI 4, SD 1  W-Jenkins 5-1 L-Sisk 1-3  HR-Young(2)

PIT 3, SF 2  W-Blass 5-0 L-Marichal 4-3 S-Dal Canton(2)

STL 9, LA 6  W-Gibson 2-1 L-Moeller 4-3 S-Hoerner(4) HR-Crawford(8) Brock(2) R.Johnson(1) Maxvill(1)

Dal Maxvill's guns shred his uniform sleeves!
Dal "Bonesy" Maxvill overdosed on Wheaties before the game and sent a 3-run shot into the stands at Busch to get the Cardinals rolling against the Dodgers. He was joined by Robert Johnson, who also hit his inaugural blast. Now he has 22 singles and one homerun, not to mention a very unique style of playing blues guitar! Lou Brock, a veritable fence-buster with TWO blasts on the year, rounded out the barrage, as the Redbirds scored 9 runs on 12 hits in the second and third innings, but had no runs on two hits in all the others. Maxvill added a single later in the game. He appeared to have been thrown out, but first base ump "Hell" Enkeller called him safe. Reader Steve was seen throwing rotten vegetables at that fine arbiter.

"Missed me!"
In that same game, Bob Gibson collected his first win since opening day, despite giving up more runs in this game (6) than he had all season long until now (5). Willie "Call Me Joan" Crawford saw Bette Davis sitting in the bleachers and tried to hit her with a homerun ball. Cat fight! Gibson, unsuccessful with his meditation classes, vowed to "stick the next one in Crawford's ear." Now, Bob. Play nicely with the other APBA cards or I'll put you back in the envelope.

The Cubs seemed on the verge of breaking out of the offensive deep freeze when they scored three runs in the first two innings against the Padres, but then they didn't score again until Don Young's round-tripper in the 9th. No matter. The Pods have gone to sleep again themselves. The Cubbies have been carried by their excellent pitching; without the great arms, they wouldn't be in second place.

Anyone else wonder what ever happened to Donny?
Steve Blass, with help from three relievers, won his 5th without a loss at the expense of the Giants, who fell a half game off the pace. The Buccos did it without Willie Stargell, who was kidnapped by Marie Osmond and forced to reside in her Diet Basement for two games. No problem, Carl Taylor stepped in with a single and a double. 


William Sagle said...

Seeing Joan smack Bette with a HR blast would have been worth the price of admission.

Fireblossom said...

But William....I have instructed Usher Dude to let you in free!

stevemryan said...

Cardinal winning streaks are disturbing and the opposite of what we prefer.