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Extra! (Innings!) Read All About It!: Tuesday, May 13th, 1969


CHI 6, SD 5  W-Regan 3-0 L-Reberger 2-5  HR-Colbert(3) Spiezio(2) Beckert GW single.

HOU 6, MON 3 (13inns)  W-Ray 3-1 L-Reed 0-2

NY 2, ATL 1 (11inns)  W-McGraw 2-1 L-Upshaw 2-2  HR-Carty(5) Swoboda GW walk.

CIN 8, PHI 6 (13inns)  W-Cloninger 1-2 L-Farrell 0-2  HR-Tolan(3) Bench(5) Helms(1)

SF 6, PIT 3 (11inns)  W-Linzy 1-2 L-Moose 1-3  HR-McCovey(8) Hart(1)

LA 7, STL 3  W-Singer 4-5 L-Washburn 3-4  HR-Haller(3) R.Johnson(2)

Ron Swoboda knows how to stand still and let good fortune come to him!
Rico Carty leapt out of his hospital bed and hit a game-tying dinger for the Braves, but it was all for naught, as Ron Swoboda's bases loaded walk (off of Upshaw, who has a "Z"!) brought victory to the resurgent Mets. They are still 3 games under .500, so deep was the hole they dug for themselves, but they are playing much better. Your impartial Goddess waved her Mets pennant and shouted "Way to go, Ronnie! Mwah!" 

"Can't this wait until I finish eating?"
In Chicago, Frank "Double" Reberger could not pitch well enough--due to ketchup all over his fingers--as the Cubbies rallied for 4 in the bottom of the ninth, capped by a walk-off single by Glenn Beckert. The north side crowd went crazy.

Eat hearty, Larry. Send in the box tops and get a weird hat.
In Philadelphia, supposed staff ace Rick Wise stupidly gave up 5 early runs to the Reds, but then he settled down and the Phillies rallied to take a 6-5 lead. However, the Reds finally tied it, setting the stage for Bobby Tolan's two-run smash off of Turk Farrell in the top of the 13th. Tommy Helms, who had a terrible April and was demoted to the number 8 slot in the lineup, has been hot in May and even sent one into the stands! That's how badly things have been going in Philadelphia, where Larry Hisle joined the hospital brigade when he came down with a sudden case of food poisoning from eating bad oatmeal. Poor Quakers! 

Houston's Gordie Howe puts the hurt on Rusty Staub.
At Parc Jarry, Le Grande Orange twice had a chance to win the game, but both times flied out harmlessly. Staub explained that Gordie Howe elbowed him at the crucial moment, throwing his swing off, then stole the puck and scored. As I've observed before, baseball is different in Moan-Ray-All!

At Forbes Field, Jim Ray Hart chose the top of the 11th inning to drill his first homer of the season, a 3-run shot off of Bob "Moose & Squirrel" Moose, to send the Giants to victory. Fearless Leader Clyde King was jubilant.

Robert Johnson: blues legend, or the new Babe Ruth?
And finally, at St. Louis, Robert Johnson found power hitting so much to his liking that he smacked his second in as many days after only hitting singles all season until then. No matter, the Dodgers ruined everything by continuously pummeling the absurd Ray Washburn until he burst into angry tears and had to be given a candy-flavored aspirin and his teddy and be put to bed. Mike Torrez put out the fire, but by then there was no saving this one for the Cardinals. Reader Steve will be all smiles when he hears that Mike Shannon was kicked in the shins by a leprechaun and will miss three games. Phil "Gag Me" Gagliano, who had only just gotten comfy again on the bench, will have to come back in at the hot corner. "I think I can remember how to do this," he opined.
"Worship me, pigs!" quoth the ever-humble Mister Johnson.


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William Sagle said...

I listened to the Montreal game on the French language broadcast. Could not understand a word of it but knew that something bizarre must have occurred.

Rick Wise "stupidly gave up 5 early runs" and Frank "Double" Reberger with ketchup on his fingers....the goddess was in full goddess mode writing those.