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Hal Lanier Channels Fred Merkle: Sunday, May 11th, 1969


SF 2, CHI 1  W-Perry 6-1 L-Selma 0-4  Perry 13 K's.

CIN 11, MON 5  W-Maloney 5-1 L-Grant 2-5  HR-May 2(7) Bench(4) Clendenon(11) Laboy(7) Reds 20 hits.

NY 6, HOU 3  W-A.Jackson 1-0 L-Dierker 2-3  S-McGraw(4) HR-Agee(5)

HOU 3, NY 1  W-Griffin 1-5 L-McAndrew 1-6  S-Gladding(1)

ATL 7, PHI 4  W-Jarvis 5-1 L-J.Johnson 2-5  S-Upshaw(6)  HR-Money(1)

LA 11, PIT 4  W-Sutton 4-2 L-Bunning 2-4  HR-Crawford(7) Sudakis(2) J.Martinez(1)ph

STL 1, SD 0 (11inns)  W-Hoerner 4-0 L-Reberger 2-4  Shannon 2-out GW single.

Your grandfather's dumbass.
A newer dumbass.
Has your gracious Goddess ever mentioned that she has never, over many leagues, ever had a perfect game? I have had 25 no-hitters. No perfect games. So, when Gaylord Perry of the Giants mowed down Cub after Cub, setting down the first 20 batters he faced, your imperturbable Goddess got pretty excited. Two out in the 7th! Seven outs to get!  That's when shortstop Hal Lanier decided to let a grounder roll up his arm for an error.  I may have shouted encouragement--or something--to Mister Lanier as the first Cubbie (Billy Williams) reached base. Oh well, the no-hitter was still intact. Up stepped Ron Santo, who rolled a 9 for the first hit, a scratch single that would not have been a hit with the bases empty. Your Goddess may have quoted reassuring affirmations in Lanier's general direction. Oh well, the 1-0 lead was still intact. So Ernie Banks singled in Williams with the unearned tying run and just like that, it was all gone: the perfect game, the no-hitter and the lead. Your Goddess may have thrown a bouquet--or was it a brickbat?--at Mister Lanier as he came off the field at the end of the inning. I may have called him by other than his given name. Perry was supplied with a second run, however, and won the game 2-1, with 13 K's, the most in the replay so far.

From the expansion pool scrap heap, a mighty masher!
At Moan-Ray-All, Donn Clendenon just won't stop. He hit his league-high 11th homerun, but the Reds still beat the Expos' brains in. The Reds remain tied atop the west with the Giants and Braves, all at 20-12, with the Dodgers 2 games back.

Tom Griffin of the Astros finally decided to do something about his double-digit earned run average, and turned in a great performance, stopping the Mets with 11 K's. The loss went to Jim McAndrew, who is 1-6 despite a 3.09 e.r.a. Life is not fair, Jim. 

Beany and Cecil
Cecil Upshaw saved all three games as the Braves swept the woebegone Phillies over the weekend. Beany cheered loudly for his pal. 

Reader Steve surely loves the Cardinals' Mike Shannon, as he collected his second walk-off single of the season--and St. Louis's second in a row--to defeat the Padres 1-0 in 11 innings. Wasted was a fabulous effort by Joe Niekro as the Monks reverted to noodle bat form against that high-steppin' Nellie Briles. Lefty Joe Hoerner came in and pitched one inning to collect the win. "I'm a lazy taker," he explained with a smirk. 
Nellie Briles
That high-stepping Nellie Bly.
Ten days in a madhouse indeed! Come back for the next crazy adventure.


piano warm said...

I don't give a flip about the content, but I do love your writing --- no matter what you're talking about.

These are my favorites:

"your imperturbable Goddess got pretty excited"
"That's when shortstop Hal Lanier decided to let a grounder roll up his arm for an error."
"a scratch single that would not have been a hit with the bases empty"
"The Reds remain tied atop the west with the Giants and Braves"
"the Braves swept the woebegone Phillies"
"the Monks reverted to noodle bat"
"that high-steppin' Nellie Briles"
"'I'm a lazy taker,' he explained with a smirk."

Thanks for posting this. I needed a Shay-fix.

stevemryan said...

The Cards are just a an eleven game losing streak while the Phillies win eleven straight from being tied for the cellar. There is hope yet!

William Sagle said...

We are in awe of the Imperturbable Goddess!

Certainly, Hal Lanier appreciated the words of encouragement and inspired him to pose for that awesome baseball card.