Tuesday, July 19, 2016

He Sho' Is Hip, Ain't He?: Saturday, May 10th, 1969


CHI 3, SF 2 (13inns)  W-Regan 2-0 L-Bryant 2-2 HR-Williams(3) Santo(6) Young GW double.

MON 5, CIN 4  W-Stoneman 1-3 L-Fisher 4-3 S-Face(3) HR-Bench(3) Clendenon(10)

NY 12, HOU 6  W-Gentry 5-1 L-Billingham 1-4  HR-Blefary(3) Agee(4)

ATL 8, PHI 6  W-Pappas 4-1 L-Champion 2-1 S-Upshaw(5) 

PIT 7, LA 6  W-Dal Canton 2-1 L-Brewer 0-2  Alley GW single.

STL 2, SD 1 (12inns)  W-Hoerner 3-0 L-Baldschun 1-1  Flood GW single.

Gene Alley steps to the plate.
The Tinseltown nine had built a lead against the Buccos at Forbes, but the Pirates kept chipping away against Claude Osteen, who clearly did not have his best stuff. Finally, Gene Alley, who had entered the game earlier as a pinch runner, got out his caveman club and knocked in the winner. Your impartial Goddess stifled a smirk as the Dodgers trudged from the field in dismal defeat. However, now that they have dropped 7 of 9, your Goddess doesn't find hating them as sweet anymore. 

A Cub batter does his thing.
At Wrigley Field, the Cubs got back-to-back dingers from Williams and Santo to take a 2-0 lead, but once again Jack Hiatt hurt them, this time with a two-run single to tie the game. Just the same, the Cubs won it in the 13th inning on a walk-off double by kid picket Don Young. He's the hottest Cub batter so far in May, which tells you all you need to know about Cub batters in May. The loss snapped the Giants' 8 game win streak.

Curt Flood contemplates his own extensive grooviness.
But that's not the end of the walk-offs! The staggering Cardinals missed a chance to dispose of the pesky Padres in the bottom of the 8th of a 1-1 tie when I, er, I meant Cardinals skipper Red Schoendienst, elected not to pinch run for Joe Torre, who was on second base with 2 out. "I was terrified of needing him later and only having some bozo in the clean-up spot!" whined Red. Naturally, Mike Shannon blooped a hit and Tony Gonzales threw out Torre at the plate. In extra innings, the Redbird flyhawks put on a show, with Vada Pinson stretching out to take away extra bases, and Curt Flood returning the favor for Torre by throwing out Chris Cannizzaro at the plate. Pods skipper Gomez had no choice, having no other backstop available. "Pugsley did something to the other catcher," he explained with fatherly pride. In the end, it took a walk-off single by that self-same Mister Flood to put an end to it all and put the Cardinals back on the winning track.

Sign Man and his trusty sidekick Usher Dude.
Don't look now, but the Mets have won 6 of 8 and are slowly creeping back into it. Your impartial Goddess was seen wearing a Mets cap at Shea Stadium as the Metropolitans outslugged the ridiculous Spacemen. The Houston nine has now given up more runs than even San Diego. Sensing that his club needed a lift, Houston manager Harry Walker entreated the fans to "Kiss my Astros!" Mets fans responded with helpful suggestions.


stevemryan said...

Disappointing but hey, I was only hoping for a longer losing streak. New Hope: 21-141!

William Sagle said...

The Impartial Goddess wearing a Mets cap at Shea and retaining her impartial status cannot be overlooked. One wonders if she heard that great line by Harry "The Hat" Walker or it was relayed to her by usher dude?