Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Big Broadcast of May 8th! : Thursday, May 8th, 1969


HOU 4, PHI 0  W-LeMaster 3-4 L-Fryman 1-3  LeMaster 1-hitter.

Clear the air lanes, clear all air lanes, for the big broadcast of May 8th! Ten teams stepped aside on this Thursday in May, so that the full glorious spectacle of two fifth-place teams going at it could be brought to you without distraction! 

"I'm like a god!"
Crumbling Shibe Park was the setting as the Astros and Phillies did battle. Astro lefty Denver LeMaster was the story as he tossed a 1-hitter at the feeble Phils, allowing only a two-out single by the immortal Ron Stone in the second inning.
"Watch me bloop one over shortstop!"

Woody Fryman kept it interesting for the Quakers by tossing a blank job of his own until the eighth inning, when Cookie Rojas booted one, followed by back to back singles by Normal Norm Miller and Little Joe Morgan, who then over-analyzed his hit until everyone was asleep.  Thus armed with a 1-0 lead, the Spacemen sent Lemaster to vanquish the Phils in the bottom of the inning, which he did. Fryman gave way to a pinch hitter, and the Phillie bullpen coughed up 3 insurance runs in the top of the ninth, putting the game out of reach.

In addition to the loss, the Phils incurred further injuries when John Briggs went down for the third time already this season (!) and Ric "Chief" Joseph did the same, although as an injury novice in his case. In came Rojas, hitting .031 on 1 for 32, and seldom-seen reserve flyhawk Rich Barry, who is said to excel at underhand free throws. Wait, maybe that's someone else. 
Rich Barry....

...not Rick Barry.

 Stay tuned next time when all the teams are back in action!


stevemryan said...

Nicely done. I was looking for another Cards L but maybe next time.

William Sagle said...

The Immortal Ron Stone. Yes, I am pretty sure that I always referred to him that way...never! Great post. Sorry that I missed that broadcast.