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The Wild Wild West: Tuesday, May 6th, 1969


CHI 6, LA 4 W-Abernathy 1-4 L-Sutton 3-2 S-Regan(6) HR-Fairly(4) Banks(1) Hickman(5)

NY 5, CIN 3 W-Seaver 3-3 L-Maloney 4-1 HR-Grote(1)

HOU 10, PHI 3 W-Dierker 2-2 L-J.Johnson 2-4 HR-Hisle(3)  Dierker 2-hitter. 

PIT 6, SD 5 W-Hartenstein 2-0 L-Reberger 2-3  M.Alou GW Sac fly.

SF 3, STL 2 W-Perry 5-1 L-Briles 2-1 

ATL 5, MON 0 W-Jarvis 4-1 L-Grant 2-4 S-Upshaw(3)  Braves combined 1-hitter.

Whoa! Look at that, four teams within a game of the top in the NL west! Coke and box office flops have slowed the Dodgers, while the Giants are on a tear.

In the east, Ted Abernathy scoffs at your infallible Goddess, notching his first win out of the Cubs' pen after four setbacks. Ernie Banks finally found the range and popped his first dinger of the season as the baby bruins topped the staggering Dodgers.  Banks insists he will hit no homer before its time.

Tom Terrific
Tom Terrific and Mighty Manfred
Tom Seaver turned in a gutty performance against the hard-hitting Reds at Shea, enabling the Metropolitans to top the Rhinelanders 5-3.  The Mets have been looking better of late, and your impartial Goddess hopes they will make a move. At least they've moved up to 4th.

Larry Dierker laughed derisively at the Phillies batters as he limited them to just 2 hits. However, his merriment caused him to be wild and issue six free passes, resulting in the Quakers scoring more runs than hits. No matter. The Spacemen prevailed and command the giddy heights of fifth place all by themselves! Whee.

Frank Reberger wonders, WWJD? And is He going to eat those fries?
The Padres seemed poised to dispatch the Pirates when they sent Frank "Double" Reberger to the mound in the 9th inning with a 5-3 lead at Forbes Field. The Holy Men have scored five runs in each of their past three games, an explosion for them. But I digress. The Pirates rallied, finally scoring the winning run on a sac fly off the bat of Matty Alou. Deep frozen in April, Matty has begun to find the range in May. Meanwhile, Mister Reberger lost his appetite and retired to his cell to repent.

"Watch me drop this baseball!"
There was carnage and bloodshed at Busch Stadium as the Redbirds dropped their 4th straight after losing only 4 of their first 24. The Giants were cruising behind Gaylord Perry, building a 3-0 lead going into the bottom of the ninth, largely courtesy of two errors by Cards shortstop Steve Huntz. Filling in for the smashed Dal Maxvill, Huntz has made 4 errors in two games. So anyway, the Cards did not go gently into that good night. They rallied for 2 runs and had runners on the corners with 2 out and Joe Torre at the plate, but Perry retired him to secure the narrow victory. It came at a cost. Willie "Stretch" McCovey will miss the next 4 games with a sudden case of whooping cough. The Giants didn't do very well when he was out before. Little-used Jack Hiatt will see some rare playing time. As for the Cardinals, they lost Mike Shannon for one game with avian flu. Phil Gagliano will be taken out of moth balls to play that contest. Reader Steve was seen jeering the woebegone Mister Shannon as he was put back inside his bird cage with a cloth over it so he can get some rest.
"Reader Steve put flu virus in my Gatorade!"

Finally, Pat Jarvis of the Braves cruised through 5 against the Expos, allowing only a dink single by his mound opponent Jim Grant. However, in the bottom of the 5th, Jarvis stepped on a land mine while running out a checked-swing nubber. He had to come out of the game (but will not miss any starts) and so the Atlanta bullpen completed the one-hit blank job. The Expos were held scoreless for only the second time so far this season, but languish in last place now, along with the Phillies.

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