Saturday, July 16, 2016

We're Gonna Get Hi-Hi-Hiatt (As The Noonday Sun!): Friday, May 9th, 1969


SF 1, CHI 0 (12inns)  W-Gibbon 1-0 L-Abernathy 1-5 S-Linzy(3) HR-Hiatt(1)

CIN 9, MON 2  W-Merritt 3-3 L-Robertson 2-3 HR-Tolan(2) A.Johnson(5)

NY 3, HOU 0  W-Koosman 3-2 L-Wilson 2-5 HR-Shamsky(2)

ATL 2, PHI 1  W-Reed 2-2 L-G.Jackson 1-4 S-Upshaw(4)  HR-Ryan(5)

PIT 4, LA 2  W-Veale 4-2 L-Singer 3-5  HR-Parker(2) Stargell(7) Hebner(1)

SD 5, STL 3  W-Santorini 2-5 L-Carlton 4-2  HR-Gonzales(1)

"Throw THIS back, suckers!"
Funny how things work out, sometimes. With Willie McCovey out with acid reflux, and understudy Bob Burda stuck in a storm drain, Jack Hiatt emerged from the shadows at the end of the dugout and played first base at Wrigley against the Cubs. In the 12th inning of a scoreless tie, he found a Ted Abernathy pitch to his liking and launched it into the stands for a 1-0 lead. Frank Linzy bequeathed his trusty gas can to Abernathy, saying he should have it. Linzy got the save, all the while complaining of having been effective.

"Can't touch this!"
In New York, Art Shamsky jumped up out of his wheelchair and smacked the first delivery he saw into the Shea Stadium stands for a quick 3-0 Mets lead. Jerry Koosman made it stand up, tossing the shutout despite having to face the Astros' hottest hitter, Normal Norm Miller, with the bases loaded. He got him out, and shut down the now last-place Spacemen. 

At Shibe Park, Mike Ryan hit a Ron Reed fastball nine miles into the night. It may still be rolling, somewhere near the Rocky statue. Unfortunately for the Phillies, that was all they got, and they fell to the Braves 2-1.

Stargell's got the hot bat!
The Pirates have quietly risen from the depths and are now just 4 games back, and only a half game behind the Cubs! Your impartial Goddess giggled like a girl as the Dodgers fell to the Buccos at Forbes Field, continuing their May doldrums. "Too bad!" cooed yours truly.  

Speaking of schadenfreude, Reader Steve mocked the hapless Cardinals from his seat at Busch Stadium as the Redbirds dropped their 6th in a row. Steve "Crackers" Carlton (Ritz....Carlton...crackers....never mind!) seemed like a lock against Al "Old Weepy" Santorini and the prayerful Padres, but after being staked to a 2-1 lead, he kept serving up hittable pitches to the gleeful Monks, who rallied for the win. "I should be traded to the stupid Phillies," he lamented, but no one took him seriously. Meanwhile, skipper Preston Gomez has guided the Friars to the wild heights of fifth place! Whee! "Watch us take the flag, cara mia!" he crowed. Why not? 
Gomez celebrates the win.


William Sagle said...

Bob Burda stuck in a storm drain? No, that cannot be so. Please tell us that is not the real reason that a sweet-swinging lefty hitter was not able to play.

Fireblossom said...

William, first I want to say "thank you!" for taking the time to comment. Now then, about Mister Burda. You're right, there was no storm drain. The truth is, the mob got him. Burda-bing, Burda-boom. Just like that. Ronaldo "The Designated Hitter" Blombergi got him.

stevemryan said...

Speaking of the Mob, I guess the Godfather as more its this month than the Cardinals! We can only hope it keeps up to the tune of 20-142 maybe?

Fireblossom said...

Steve, Steve, Steve. Did a red bird peck at you when you were little? Are you a secret Cubs fan? Why all the h8? LOL.

William Sagle said...

I knew it, I just knew it!! I knew that the mob "rescued" Bob Burda from that storm drain! There many more pinch-hits in his bat - you'll see!!!

stevemryan said...

I am a Reds Fan! I respect the Cardinals and how they do it and I respect the Theo-logy of the Cubs attempt to end their curse, but I am a Reds Fan! So basically in the current division set-up, being a Reds Fan, I don't really care for the two more popular teams in the division since I am a Reds Fan! And as a Reds Fan, the Brewers and the Pirates have been so bad for so long, I don't really mind them. Mainly, I am a Reds Fan! I also like the Braves as well as 24 or 25 other teams just not the Cards or Cubs since I am a Reds Fan!

Fireblossom said...

So. Steve. What's your team?


ps--I saw a gem in Cincy once, as a teenager. Rick Wise of the Phillies no-hit them AND hit two home runs. 1971, I think.

Fireblossom said...

William--the best doctors I can find are working to heal Mister Burda even as we speak. They assure me that their pebbles, coins and incense will have him back in the left-hand batter's box in short order! ;-)