Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Cycle and Night Of The Stone Gloves: Friday, May 23rd, 1969


ATL 7, PHI 0  W-P.Niekro 5-3 L-Fryman 1-4  HR-Carty(8)  P.Niekro 1-hitter.

CIN 11, MON 9  W-Fisher 5-3 L-Jaster 3-4  HR-Clendenon(14) Staub(8) Jones(5) Perez 2(9) Clendenon cycle; Perez 6 rbi.

HOU 1, NY 0  W-LeMaster 4-5 L-Gentry 5-2  LeMaster 2-hitter.

LA 6, STL 5  W-Foster 2-0 L-C.Taylor 3-2 S-Brewer(3)  

SD 7, CHI 4  W-Baldschun 2-1 L-Regan 3-1 S-Reberger(5)  HR-Hundley(3) Stahl(1) Brown(6)ph

PIT 11, SF 4  W-Blass 6-1 L-Bolin 3-4  HR-Blass(1) McCovey(11)

Recycled gaffer, or cycle smasher?
Bad night for the east, with only the Pirates winning! At Cincinnati's Crosley Field, Expo skipper Gene "The Genius" Mauch decided to pitch to slump-encrusted Tony Perez with a base open and red hot Tommy Helms due up next. Mistake. Perez launched the first of two home runs. He hit the second with a base open, too! Now Mauch, along with The Monkees, is presumably a believer. The Rhinelanders built an 11-3 lead going into the top of the ninth, when Les Expos exploded for six runs, driving Fat Jack Fisher from the mound. It got so dicey that Wayne Granger had to be woken up and put int the game. He, too, got hit around and gave up some runs, but finally stopped the bleeding. However, the big story of this game was Donn Clendenon hitting for the cycle! He hit the HR first, and the triple last, in the 9th. Donn doesn't have a "2" on his card, but his teammates kindly put runners on first and second ahead of him, and he used his trusty "5" to stroke the three bagger.

What, exactly, is a "Breek"?
At that mecca of beauty and grandeur, Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, Phil Niekro gave up a single to John "Breek" Briggs (Breek? Wtf?) with one out in the first inning and never gave up another hit. The foolish Phils were blanked for the 9th time already this season, despite having all their regulars in the line-up. I hardly know what to say about them anymore. 

At San Diego, the Cubs kept dinking out singles, 14 of them in fact, plus a homer by backstop Randy Hundley, but they also kept hitting into double plays, four of them, but nonetheless carried a 4-3 lead into the last of the 8th against the Holy Men. Enter relief stalwart Phil Regan, who was promptly lit up for 4 runs, including Ollie Brown's two-run pinch hit job.  When the smoke had cleared, the Friars had a 7-4 lead, and Frank "Double" Reberger shut down the Cubs in the 9th for the Pods' third win in a row. It was the first time all season that Regan had failed like this.

"You sure about this?"
Okay, the Mets are getting reallllllly frustrating to play! The Amazin's were one of the reasons I chose this league to play, and if they could hit at all, they would win a bunch. But noOOoo. Once again, they wasted excellent pitching in falling to the silly Spacemen 1-0. The Astros manufactured their only run when Joe Morgan singled, moved to second on a ground out, stole third, and came home on a sac fly.  So decimated are the previously healthy Spacemen, that Leon McFadden had to be pressed into service. If you saw McFadden's card, you'd understand what an extreme measure that is! So, naturally, the 'Stros are on a rare winning streak!

He lost it in the moon.
In the City of Angels, the visiting Cardinals seemed to have the game well in hand with a 5-0 lead and Chuck Taylor working on an easy shutout as of the 7th inning stretch. Then the roof caved, in or the nest fell out of the tree, or something. The Dodgers mustered nothing scarier than a few singles, but an error by Joe Torre and two blunders by Lou Brock led to a six-run L.A. rally! Here's the thing: coming into this game, the 42nd of the season for St. Louis, Torre and Brock's combined error total With his defenders obviously suffering from some kind of palsy, Mr. Taylor exited the game and the win column, absorbing the bitter defeat instead. Reader Steve was seen in the stands doing a happy dance.

Hi, Bob!
Finally, in the latest chapter of the alarming failure-fest that has been Bob "Bolin For Dollars" Bolin's season on the mound, he got rocked by the Buccos despite Willie McCovey hitting a 3-run blast behind him. Marichal, Perry and McCormick have been great, and Sadecki has been serviceable in his 5 starts, but Bolin, despite a not-terrible 3-4 record, has been a huge steaming pile of rhinoceros droppings all season. It may soon be time to try out kid lefty Ron Bryant instead. In this game, Giants backstop Dick Deitz stepped in a gopher hole on his way to first base and fucked up his foot. He will miss 3 games, but can still pinch hit. The catching duties will be shared by Jack "Beanstalk" Hiatt and Bob "Hi, Bob" Barton.



stevemryan said...

Looking forward to the Cardinals Cubs-like collapse before the end of the season, especially after their start that in 15 years would be recalled by 1984 Tigers' fans.

William Sagle said...

Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, the mecca of grandeur and beauty. Yes, now I remember it being called that - never!

Leon McFadden. Doesn't that name seem like it should belong to a reggae singer not a ball player? But, about that card, apparently, some card pics were taken with that cap tilted at an angle - ala Mr. McFadden - so that just in case another team coveted the likes of a player of his "talent" the team name on the card could be changed and the cap would not give it away. Some players just took their cap off.

Gotta go, am off to the Jack HIatt fan club meeting!