Saturday, August 13, 2016

Almost Perfect, And A Happy Ending: Sunday + Monday, May 18-19, 1969

Scores, May 18th

MON 2, ATL 1  W-Jaster 3-3 L-P.Niekro 4-3  HR-Clendenon(12) 

SF 6, PHI 4  W-Bolin 3-3 L-Farrell 1-3 S-Linzy(4)  Money 3 errors.

CIN 6, NY 3  W-Nolan 2-0 L-Cardwell 0-5 S-Granger(2)  HR-Boswell(2) Jones(3)

CHI 6, HOU 2  W-Selma 1-4 L-Lemaster 3-5 S-Regan(7)  HR-Williams(4)

LA 5, PIT 2  W-Singer 5-5 L-Blass 5-1  HR-Stargell(8) W.Davis(8)

SD 2, STL 1  W-Sisk 2-3 L-Hoerner 4-1  HR-Brown(5)GW  Sisk 2-hitter.

Score, May 19th

ATL 4, MON 2  W-Reed 3-2 L-Robertson 2-4  HR-Boyer(3)

Remember Tommie Sisk? Don't feel bad, no one does. I only recall him cos he went an unremarkable 7-12 for my '65 Pirates. But on Sunday he was almost famous! Scoffing at recent near no-hitters by the likes of Gibson and Marichal, Mister Sisk tossed 8 PERFECT innings at the St. Louis Cardinals. Batter after batter went up, and went down. Unfortunately, Redbird twirler Carl Taylor was almost as good, allowing only a pair of hits by Tony Gonzales leading off the 4th and 7th innings. Tony was immediately erased both times on double plays off the bat of Jose Arcia. This meant that through 7 innings, BOTH pitchers had faced the minimum number of opposing batters. 

Expansion bait, or fearsome fireballer?
0-0 it went, into the top of the ninth at Jack Murphy Stadium, in front of 52 fans who either can't surf or don't like the zoo. Mike Shannon, newly healed by prayer and greenies, stroked a hit leading off. Everybody groaned. Dal Maxvill, assigned to bunt, did so poorly and was safe on a fielder's choice, Shannon retired at second. Dave Ricketts hit for pitcher Taylor and grounded out, moving Maxvill to second. Up stepped Lou Brock, who had already spent the weekend torturing the Padres, and he naturally singled in Maxvill for a 1-0 Cardinals lead. 

He didn't fold under pressure!
Tony Gonzales led off the bottom of the ninth with his third hit (of the Friars' 5 total to that point) off of reliever Joe Hoerner. Jose Arcia's bad afternoon got even worse when he fanned trying to bunt. That brought up "Downtown" Ollie Brown, who promptly deposited Jo-Ho's first delivery into the seats for a 2-run walk-off home run! Reader Steve was seen running onto the field tossing his cap in the air as the Holy Men stunned the haughty Cardinals.

In other news, as they say, the offense-challenged Cubs were muddling along, losing 2-1 to Denver Lemaster and the Astros for most of the afternoon, when someone observed that the iceman cometh, and that worthy took a pick and dug Billy Williams out of his frozen block so that he could deliver a two-run bomb to put the Cubs ahead! The baby bears added three more and cruised to victory. For the luckless Spacemen, Normal Norm Miller was caught in a bear trap carelessly left in the outfield, and will miss ten games. Not to be outdone, in their game at Dodger Stadium, spare part rookie Billy Grabarkewitz was caught up in a Hollywood vice bust and will have to serve 34 games for gypping some kid out of his Sandy Koufax rookie card in exchange for a bent-up Walt Moryn. Shame, Billy, shame.
It's rare, kid. Honest!


stevemryan said...

You must be some type of Holy Roller to get the Friars a win against the Cardinals. Somehow I think the Pope will be pleased.

William Sagle said...

Mathewson vs. Brown. Grove vs. Hubbel. Sisk vs. Taylor. Pitching match-ups for the ages

Shawn Nova said...

Excellent read as always, Fireblossom! Love the blog!

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