Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Don Bryant's Moment of Glory: Saturday, May 24th, 1969


ATL 5, PHI 0  W-Reed 4-2 L-Champion 2-3  Reed 10 K's.

MON 8, CIN 4  W-Robertson 3-4 L-Culver 3-1

HOU 5, NY 3  W-Gladding 1-1 L-McGraw 2-4  HR-Shamsky(3) Bryant(2)GW

LA 7, STL 1  W-Moeller 5-3 L-Washburn 3-5  HR-Haller(5)

SD 8, CHI 5  W-Roberts 2-4 L-Nye 1-3 S-Reberger(6)  Brown 4 rbi.

SF 5, PIT 2  W-Sadecki 2-1 L-Walker 0-1  HR-Alley(4) Oliver(6) Hart(4)

The east teams keep taking it on the chops. For the second straight day, the west took five out of six from the east.

He can't believe it, either.
In Houston, Tug McGraw served up a 2-run walk-off dinger to back-up catcher Don Bryant, who doesn't even have a "1" on his card, but he has a "5" and he used it. So elated was Mr. Bryant, that he filled his swimming pool with Florida orange juice in celebration. 

The Phillies were shut out again, yes again, their tenth blanking and second in a row. Right now this team couldn't find home plate with divining rods and GPS. 

Finally, the Padres have reeled off four wins in a row! Ollie Brown stroked 4 hits, including a pair of doubles, good for 4 rbi. 

The Redlegs, who fell to the Expos,  were the only west team to lose, and so the Giants once again leapfrog into first.