Thursday, August 4, 2016

Giants Turn Three, Take Top Spot: Wednesday, May 14th, 1969


CHI 3, SD 1  W-Hands 5-1 L-Santorini 2-6  Hands 2-hitter.

MON 10, HOU 9  W-Reed 1-2 L-Gladding 0-1  HR-Wills(4) Staub(6) Cline(1)  Sutherland GW double.

ATL 2, NY 1 (11inns)  W-Doyle 1-0 L-McGraw 2-2

PHI 7, CIN 5  W-G.Jackson 2-4 L-Merritt 3-4  HR-Tolan(4) Callison(4) D.Johnson 2(4) Deron Johnson 4 rbi.

SF 8, PIT 2  W-McCormick 4-1 L-Veale 4-3 S-Gibbon(1)  HR-Hart(2) Dietz(4) Alley(3) Giants turn triple play in 1st.

STL 8, LA 3  W-Carlton 5-2 L-Drysdale 0-1 Carlton 10 K's.

"I'm like a fielding god!"
Mike "Posh Spice" McCormick and the Giants seemed to be on the ropes in the bottom of the first inning at Forbes Field. Matty Alou led off with a double, then held second as Dave Cash was safe on an error by the stupefied Hal Lanier. Catcalls rained down from the stands as Pirate fans cheerfully derided the bumbling Giant shortstop. Roberto Clemente then walked to load 'em up for Al "Scoops" Oliver.  Oliver uncoiled and sent a screaming line drive at the much-maligned Mister Lanier, who caught it for the first out, tagged Cash standing in front of him for the second out and tossed to Fuentes at third to retire Alou for the triple play. "You won't have me to kick around anymore," quoth Hal as he flashed the V for Victory sign at the abashed Steeltown faithful. It was the second triple play of the season, the Reds having turned one previously against the Dodgers. The Giants went on to win and install themselves alone atop the NL west. Jim Ray Hart hit his second homer of the season, and second in as many days, and Dick Dietz made it back-to-back when he connected off of the the stunned Chuck Hartenstein. 

"Gee, dad, can I borrow the car?"
In Montreal, the Expos came back from deficits not once, not twice, but three times against the preposterous spacemen from Houston. Maury Wills, who actually never homered for the 'Spos, and hit only 4 dingers all year, all of them for the Dodgers, hit his 4th of the replay for Les Expos. Le Grande Orange (the beloved right fielder Rusty Staub) also homered, and journeyman Ty Cline--subbing for the frightened and fractured Manny Mota--joined the long ball parade. But it was a double by the unheralded Phillie cast-off Gary Sutherland that scored Cline with the game-winner.  A jubilant Montreal crowd celebrated the hit, then drove the hated English off the North American continent once and for all. 

Why is this idiot laughing?
At Shea Stadium (SHAY Stadium looks better to your impartial Goddess), the Metropolitans walked red-hot Felipe Alou to get to silly shortstop Gil Garrido with the game on the line, and it worked. The same situation came up again in the 11th, and I--er, I meant, that fool Gil Hodges--decided to pitch to Felipe this time and he promptly lined a hit to give the Braves the lead, and eventually, the game. Your ever-forgiving Goddess, sitting in her box seat with her Mets cap on, pointed pointedly at the boneheaded Mets manager as Alou stood preening at first base. Some churlish miscreants whispered that your Goddess sometimes rolls too fast without thinking. These malcontents now reside in an underground dungeon and are forced to listen to Minnie Ripperton sing "Lovin' You" 24/7. Your Goddess can be severe.

"Watch me crank a couple homers!"
The Phillies grew tired of being stomped on, and erupted for three home runs against the pitching-poor Reds. Deron Johnson hit two out, matching his season total coming into this game. (Actually, he had only hit ONE out; his other previous blast was an extremely unlikely inside the park job, the only one by anybody all season, if memory serves.) John Callison hit his first since his return from injury, and little Tony Taylor tried to add another, but was denied by righty reliever Clay Carroll. Tony had to settle for an rbi single.

Her doorman is a Cardinal mainstay!
Your gracious Goddess was glad to see old favorite Don Drysdale emerge from the L.A. dugout to make the start against the homestanding Cardinals. Don's arm is hanging by a thread, and he had pitched only one inning all season up to now. (In actual fact, he tore his rotator cuff.) Don wasn't very successful, however, as the Redbirds teed off against him and downed the Tinseltown nine. Cardinal lefty Steve "Carlton your doorman" Carlton fanned ten Dodgers on his way to his 5th win of the year. Rhoda Morgenstern cheered wildly, but Reader Steve did not. 



William Sagle said...

Way to go Hal Laniier!!!! That'll teach to disparage you!

That Spo's game sounded great on the French language radio broadcast! The announcers were gleeful when the anglo-saxon horde in Dodger caps were chased from French Canada. All caught on an open mike.

In honor of the Impartial Goddess, the stadium in Queens should be named, Shay. Can't there be a declaration of some sort to make this happen?

Carlton the doorman. Brilliant!

stevemryan said...

I predict the Reds will do much better when they remove Dave Bristol from the director's chair. As for the Redbirds, I am hoping for a '69 Cubs like outcome. Actually more like a 1909-2015 Cubs like outcome.