Sunday, August 7, 2016

Perry Pitches Giants To 2-Game Lead: Friday, May 16th, 1969


MON 5, ATL 3  W-Grant 3-5 L-Jarvis 5-2 S-Face(4)  HR-Carty(6) F.Alou(2) Jones(4)

SF 5, PHI 0  W-Perry 7-1 L-J.Johnson 2-6  HR-McCovey(9)  Perry 2-hitter.

NY 9, CIN 3  W-McAndrew 2-6 L-Maloney 5-2

HOU 5, CHI 1  W-Dierker 3-3 L-Holtzman 3-3  HR-Wynn(7)

LA 5, PIT 2  W-Sutton 5-2 L-Bunning 2-5 S-Brewer(2)  HR-Parker(3)

STL 6, SD 0  W-Briles 3-1 L-J.Niekro 2-1

Perry believes in spit and polish!
Gaylord Perry continued his run of outstanding pitching by stopping the silly Phillies on 2 hits for the shutout win, his league-leading 7th. With the triumph, the Giants increased their lead in the west to 2 games over the Braves and Reds, and 3 over the rival Dodgers. 

In Montreal, baseball capitol of Canada, Grant came out of his tomb long enough to stop the Braves, with relief help from tireless kid Dan McGinn and effective codger Roy Face. Mack Jones sent one over the fence, then came down with mumps and will miss a few games. This will keep handy Ty Cline in the Expo outfield despite Manny Mota's return next game. He'll just shift from left to center. 

He's delicate.
The Cardinals want to thank the schedule-maker and vow to keep him on the payroll for pitting them against the pipsqueak Padres early and often as they make their swing through the western teams. That high-stepping Nellie Briles reduced his e.r.a. to a stingy 1.49 with the blank job on Friday, allowing only 5 singles to the popinjay Pods. Joe Niekro suffered his first defeat and was summarily ejected from the game in the sixth inning for plunking Joe Torre with a pitch. Ump "Hell" Enkeller felt it was intentional. "That knuckler could hurt somebody!" he opined before retiring to read conspiracy theories in the umpires' dressing room.  Meanwhile, Robert "Homerun" Johnson fell victim to the flashing spikes of Jose Arcia on the dreaded "23" steal of third thing, and will take his blues guitar and his two round trippers and go home for eleven games. This caused Phil Gagliano to have to give up his seat on the bench yet again, and come in to play third. "Can't a fellow get a nap?" he whined piteously.


William Sagle said...

Montreal, the baseball capitol of Canada! Love that!

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I for one would like a word with the schedule makers!