Sunday, August 21, 2016

Thanks, Clarence! Cito Gaston Undoes the Bucs: Wednesday, May 21st, 1969


NY 4, ATL 1  W-Koosman 4-2 L-Jarvis 5-3  HR-Carty(7)

CIN 5, PHI 1  W-Maloney 6-2 L-J.Johnson 2-7  HR-Callison(6) Rose(12)

MON 4, HOU 1  W-Grant 4-5 L-Dierker 3-4  HR-Staub(7)

CHI 3, LA 0  W-Abernathy 2-5 L-Sutton 5-3 S-Aguirre(1)  HR-Santo(7)

SD 6, PIT 5 (14inns)  W-Podres 1-1 L-Moose 1-4  HR-Clemente(4) Colbert(4) Gaston GW 2b.

STL 2, SF 0  W-Briles 4-1 L-Perry 7-2  Briles 1-hitter.

Hitting hero or 70s wardrobe malfunction?
Padre skipper Gomez told his charges to keep it close and he'd think of something, and so they went right out and gave up a homer to Roberto Clemente in Pittsburgh's 3-run 7th, and fell behind 5-3. But the Friars scored one in the bottom of the inning and then in the last of the 9th, Chris "How The Hell Do You Spell My Name?" Cannizzaro tripled off of Chuck Hartenstein to put the tying run 90 feet away. Clarence Gaston stepped up and ripped a single, chasing home Chris C. to make it 5-5. The game went on into the 14th inning, with the Corsairs being blanked over the final 7 innings of the game. In the bottom of the 14th, Al Ferrara walked leading off, but had only advanced as far as second after two were out. Up stepped that man again, Cito Gaston, and he bombed a double off of failed starter Bob "Moose & Squirrel" Moose, to drive in the winning run for the Holy Men. Ancient relic Johnny Podres got his first "W" of the campaign. "Cara Mia!" shouted a jubilant Gomez to Morticia sitting in the box seats.  As for the Buccos, they sank to .500 once again and just can't seem to sustain anything. 

"I shall fear no spitball!"
In the second match-up between division leaders, that high-steppin' Nellie Briles tossed his second 1-hit shutout of the month, allowing only a lead-off double by Bobby Bonds in the 7th. Bonds tried to make it interesting in the 9th by drawing a walk with 2 out and stealing second, but second sacker Ron "Easter Egg" Hunt fanned to end the festivities. The Cards didn't exactly scald the ball themselves, but they plated two runs, one unearned, on 5 hits off of Giants stalwart Gaylord Perry. Dal "Bones" Maxvill had two of the hits, including a double.  

Our Savior, playing close to the line in right.
At the Astrodome, Jim "Mudcat" Grant (a "dirty" player?) notched his 4th win at the expense of the silly Spacemen, outdueling Larry Dierker, who has won only 3 of his 10 starts so far. Useless Joe Morgan had to appear in the outfield for the Astros due to their current injury depletion. With Blefary out, Rader moved to first, Menke to third, Marty Martinez played short, the immortal Julio Gotay manned second, and Morgan joined Jimmy Wynn and Jesus Alou (playing right field for your sins) in the Houston line-up. All of this maneuvering went for nought, as the Space Cowboys can call themselves Maurrrrrrrice, but can't call themselves very good.

Finally, Pete Rose continues to make a mockery of National League pitching, batting an astonishing .430 so far. he homered yet again on Wednesday and scored three more runs, giving him 50, putting him on pace for 200 (!) which would smash the all-time record set when dinosaurs roamed the earth, by Sliding Billy Hamilton of the Phillies. The Phils could use him now. I am feeling kinda bad for these Quakers, for whom nothing seems to go right. They have lost 23 of their last 31, and even the return of Rich Allen has not helped, as he has gone 2-for-15 since coming back, though he does have a homer. Meanwhile, Cookie "Lend Me Your Comb" Rojas, who hit .037 in April, is over .300 in May! 
Would you know who he was, without the All-Time All-Star set?


William Sagle said...

The "immortal" Julio Gotay. Hey, he had one of the coolest names on the planet, don't you think?

And, I can spell Chris Canniazero....or is it, Caningzorro...or, never mind. He had a really nice bb card in 1965 when he was with the Metropolitans.

Another fantastic post, Shay.

stevemryan said...

I'm torn. The Reds are chasing the Giants who are playing the Cards. I guess my love of the Reds overcomes my dislike of the Cards. Then again, the Padres did well, if I recall, against their competition for the Pope's affection.