Friday, September 23, 2016

And Then There Were Four: Monday, June 2nd, 1969


MON 4, SF 1  W-Jaster 4-5 L-Bolin 3-6  HR-Bonds(5)

LA 4, NY 2  W-Singer 7-5 L-Koosman 5-3 S-Brewer(5)  HR-Popovich(2)

PHI 12, SD 2  W-Wise 3-3 L-Kirby 2-5  HR-Callison(9) Allen(7)GS 

PIT 3, CIN 2  W-Blass 7-1 L-Maloney 6-3  HR-L.May(11) Blass 2-hitter.

ATL 4, STL 3 (10inns)  W-Upshaw 4-2 L-Hoerner 4-3 S-Doyle(2)  HR-H.Aaron(11) Shannon(3)

Gonged, but in a good way!
The field of "hopefuls" for the coveted (?) Paul Schaal Award has dwindled by one, to four. (For the uninitiated, the PSA goes to the last position player, with a team from opening day, to get a hit.) Phils reserve Dave Watkins came in for regular catcher Mike Ryan, to give "Irish" a breather in a blow-out game, and promptly slugged a two-run triple. This leaves only Hector Torres of Houston, Fred Whitfield of the Reds, Walt Hriniak of the Braves and Billy Grabarkewitz of LA without a hit. As for the game, Rich Allen hit a grand slam, making his numbers for two games in June three homers, eight rbi and a .600 batting average. All that after a terrible May! 

The Mets' rides are here.
Paul Popovich (!) slammed his second dinger in 3 days as the Dodgers outlasted the Mets with two runs late. It was a gory day at Shea, with no fewer than four Mets going down with injuries! Your Goddess has not seen such carnage since it happened to the '67 Senators in my last replay. Ed Kranepool disemboweled himself going into the stands for a pop foul (he made the grab), Cleon Jones was smashed on the base paths, and Tommie Agee and Rod Gaspar collided in the outfield. How the Metropolitans will score at all over the next few games remains to be seen. 

Bobby Bonds led off the game in Montreal with a blast off of Expo hurler Larry Jaster, and Tito Fuentes followed with a single. It looked like Jaster's day might be short, but he regrouped and went the distance, allowing no more runs in a 4-1 win. Les Expos are now just a game behind 4th place New York. 

He's been dealt, Mare!"
The Cardinals built a 3-0 lead in the first two frames against visiting Atlanta, but the Braves came all the way back to win it in ten, 4-3. The tying run was surrendered by reliever Gary Waslewski, who was promptly dealt after the game to Montreal in exchange for pitcher Jim Grant. Grant is a former Twin, and Mary Richards was hoping he would go back to Minnesota instead. When she heard he was going to St. Louis, she wailed, "Oh, Mister Grant!" The whole gang at WJM was disappointed.

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Wings, but too bad the Reds lost. Nice race brewing in the West. Well done!