Thursday, September 8, 2016

Savagery In Cincinnati! : Wednesday & Thursday, May 28th & 29th, 1969

Scores, May 28th

LA 4, MON 0  W-Singer 6-5 L-Jaster 3-5  HR-Kosco(6)  Singer 2-hitter.

NY 11, SD 2  W-Koosman 5-2 L-Kirby 2-4  HR-Agee(7) Shamsky(4) Grote(3)

ATL 5, STL 4 (10inns)  W-Upshaw 3-2 L-Hoerner 4-2  HR-Carty(10) Carty walk-off HR.

CIN 7, PIT 6 (10inns)  W-Granger 5-2 L-Dal Canton 2-2  HR-Rose(13) Maloney(2)  Savage 2-out walk-off double.

PHI 7, HOU 4  W-Fryman 2-4 L-LeMaster 4-6 S-Wilson(5)  HR-Callison(7) Allen(4) Edwards(2)

CHI 2, SF 0  W-Selma 2-4 L-Bolin 3-5  Selma 11 K's.

Score, May 29th

CIN 6, PIT 4  W-Fisher 6-3 L-Hartenstein 2-2  HR-J.May(2) Perez(10) Savage(2)ISP

From  a jack to a king!
Ted Savage single-handedly destroyed the Pirates in a 2-game sweep at Crosley, doubling in the game-winner in the tenth inning on Wednesday after the Buccos had rallied for 4 in the ninth to tie it, and then belting a two-run inside the park home run to break a 4-4 tie in the 8th inning on Thursday. It was only the second inside the park job in the league so far this season. Savage was acquired at the end of spring training from the Dodgers in exchange for sad-sack backstop Jimmie Schaffer, who promptly vanished from sight. What a steal!

The Beeeeg Boy!
In Atlanta, Rico "Beeg Mon" Carty bashed a one-out solo blast over the fence to undo Joe Hoerner and the Cardinals. Phil Niekro started the game and was hit by a line drive off the bat off lead-off man Lou Brock, leaving the Braves to scramble. A bullpen day ensued, with Jim Britton, Gary Neibauer, Ken Johnson, Paul Doyle and Cecil Upshaw all parading to the mound for the Atlantans. 

The Mets finally scored some runs with an unexpected (to say the least) three homer barrage against the poor Padres. I keep hoping the Metropolitans will get some offense going so that they can ride their stellar pitching into contention before it is too late and they are too far behind. Art Shamsky was one of the troika of sluggers on Wednesday, a good sign because Art has been pretty much invisible. If he could get going, it would really help. 

"There's a gob of something in my cheek!"
The Cubs, with offensive woes of their own, rode the arm of early season pick-up Dick Selma to their eighth shutout win, this time 2-0 over the Giants.  Selma managed to scatter 8 hits, 4 walks and a hit batter. 

"I'm still in it!"
Just when it looked like the Astros might not suck all season long, they gave up back to back round-trippers to Johnny Callison and Rich Allen of the woebegone Phillies in the first inning and went on from there to secure the discouraging defeat despite a three-run pop from the bat of newly-healed catcher John Edwards. Billy Wilson collected his first save of May, securing the rare triumph for lefty Woody Fryman. For those glued to the riveting race for the Paul Schaal Award (the last postion player on a team from opening day to get a hit),  Dave Watkins batted but failed to remove his name from the final five. Or maybe that was the day before. Dave's at-bats all blend together after a while!

Finally, kudos and thanks to the great Howie Mooney, who made spiff-tastic new envelopes for my teams!



William Sagle said...

Yesssssss, Dave Watkins is still in the Paul Schaal Award race!!! Come on, Dave, I know you can do it!!

stevemryan said...

Wouldn't have picked the Braves to put together such a valiant contribution from their pen but it couldn't have happened at a better time.