Thursday, October 13, 2016

Night Of The Killer Ground Balls! : Tuesday, June 10th, 1969


ATL 6, CHI 3  W-Reed 5-3 L-Hands 8-2  S-Upshaw(10)  HR-Hickman(7) H.Aaron(12)

CIN 3, STL 2  W-Merritt 4-7 L-Hoerner 4-4  HR-Tolan(6) Helms GW ground out.

HOU 3, PIT 2 (10inns)  W-Womack 4-1 L- Gibbon 1-2  HR-Blefary(5) Menke GW ground out.

LA 8, PHI 4  W-Osteen 6-2 L-Jackson 5-6  HR-Kosco(8)

SD 8, MON 4  W-Santorini 3-10 L-Robertson 5-5  HR-Staub(11) Ferrara(3) Stahl 2(4) Stahl 4 rbi.

SF 6, NY 0  W-Perry 9-3 L-McAndrew 3-8  McAndrew 11 K's. 

Bobby Tolan of the Reds came back to haunt his old team with an early 2-run shot off Steve "Carlton Your Doorman" Carlton, followed by a one-out triple in the bottom of the ninth. Cards skipper Red Schoendienst signaled for the intentional walk to both Lee May and Tony Perez, loading the sacks with one out for the double play prone Mister Helms. Helms immediately smacked a Joe Hoerner delivery on the ground to third base where Mike Shannon stepped on third and then...and then....well, the board doesn't exactly say, which is really annoying. Bases loaded, infield in, Fielding Three third baseman shows a putout at third and that's it. I have played about a zillion games of APBA and don't recall this ever happening to decide a game. I even checked the old boards and it's the same. So, did Shannon try for the DP and the runner beat the throw? Or did he come home and Tolan slid under the tag? Or did he just stand there like a big dummy? Oh well, Reds win and this result will probably never happen again, right?

The very next game, the Pirates scored two in the top of the ninth to tie the 'Stros at 2. In the bottom of the tenth, up stepped Denis Menke with the bases loaded and less than two out and darned if he doesn't ground it to third, where Richie Hebner steps on third and then stops to read The Sporting News or something as the winning run scores.  What are the odds?!? Two games in a row!

In other action, Al Santorini--who fanned 14 his last time out--fanned ten more as the Padres won their second in a row, this time defeating the Expos on the strength of two blasts by Larry Stahl! Larry Stahl is a nobody who happens to love your Impartial Goddess and always does well for me. With regular right fielder Ollie Brown out of the line-up to contemplate the stations of the cross, Stahl stepped in and led the Friars to victory.  "It was God's will," he opined.

Come back for our next exciting episode "Holy Shit, Where Are My Players?" or "Kidnapping In Canada"!


stevemryan said...

First off, I have seen that result and I picture it as a tough hop that caroms off the third baseman's chest but he sticks with it and gathers the ball then steps on the bag for the force. No error but more importantly, Reds Win while an angel gets their wings!

William Sagle said...

Okay, I am cool with Larry Stahl and glad that he loves the Goddess, but I am totally impressed with Al Santorini.