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Oliver! : Wednesday & Thursday, June 4th & 5th, 1969

Scores, June 4th

CHI 6, HOU 2  W-Hands 8-1 L-Wilson 3-7  HR-Smith(5)

MON 3, SF 0  W-Robertson 5-4 L-Perry 8-3  Robertson 1-hitter with 12 K's.

LA 3, NY 1  W-Osteen 5-2 L-McAndrew 3-7 S-Brewer(6)  HR-Swoboda(2)

PHI 4, SD 3  W-Jackson 5-5 L-Santorini 2-10  Santorini 14 K's.

PIT 8, CIN 1  W-Bunning 4-5 L-Merritt 3-7  HR-Oliver 3(9)  Oliver 7 rbi.

STL 8, ATL 4  W-Carlton 8-3 L-Reed 4-3  HR-Cepeda(7)

Score, June 5th

HOU 4, STL 3  W-Ray 4-1 L-Briles 5-3  Blefary 1-out 2-run walk-off triple.

Please, sir....more?
"Scoops" Oliver socked three homers good for seven ribbies as the Pirates drubbed the sleepy Redlegs 8-1. All three blasts were off left-handers (2 off Jim Merritt and 1 off Jerry Arrigo). Who to blame the most? Why, they will place the blame on the one who named him Ah-lee-ver! If only Mister Bumble could pitch, the Rhinelanders might move back to the top. They did acquire veteran right-hander Pedro Ramos, who simply walked across Forbes Field to the other clubhouse, bringing his 0-1 record with him.
Mr. Bumble, Oliver's first coach.

Orlando Cepeda seemed intent on torturing his ex-mates in St. Louis, bombing a homer among three hits as the Braves built a 4-1 lead, but the Redbirds kept dinking singles against Ron Reed until they had stormed out to an 8-4 lead, which was the final margin. 

Nothing he does is ever enough.
Al Santorini fanned an amazing 14 Phillies, but a 3-run first plus an rbi single by pitcher Grant Jackson gave the Quakers just enough to beat him anyway as they swept the hapless Holy Men. At the one-third point of the Padres' season, Santorini has 10 losses; can he lose 30??? I doubt it. Skipper Gomez would undoubtedly relegate him to the attic before that could happen. 

One of these is Bobby Pfeil. No, I don't know which one, either.
Claude Osteen (no relation to Claude Raines or Claude Aikens) won for the first time since April, subduing a paltry Mets squad. Ron Swoboda did go deep for the second straight game, but the Dodgers swept three at Shea. The Metroplolitans are having to field an outfield of Bobby Pfeil in left, Swoboda in center and Art Shamsky in right. Every fly ball is an adventure. 

Jeanne Mauch? Jeanne D'arc? Jean Beliveau?
In Montreal, the upstart Expos completed their second straight 3-game sweep, with Jerry Robertson dispatching the suddenly punchless Giants. The home fans are giddy as the 'Spos have claimed fourth place, moving ahead of the Mets! Meanwhile, the Giants, after going 14-2, have gone into a 3-11 swoon.  

Curt Blefary
In Thursday's only game, the Cardinals visited the Astrodome and Nelson Briles (no relation to Nelson Riddle or Ozzie Nelson) seemed to be in control. Then in the bottom of the ninth, the Spacemen plated one to make it 3-2, and had two on with one out. Briles was removed and former Colt .45 Joel Hoerner came on to face lefty-hitting Curt Blefary and Johnny Edwards. "Clank" Blefary immediately blasted the ball into the right field corner as Denis Menke scored the tying run. Doug Rader was picking 'em up and putting 'em down all the way from first base as Vada Pinson corralled the baseball and flung it home to Joe Torre. Rader came thundering down the baseline and slid just under Torre's tag as Blefary cruised jubilantly into third with the game-winning hit. We have lift-off! Reliever Jim Ray considers it very fair that he get the win for one inning of work while Tom Griffin receives nothing for 8 innings toil. 
Life isn't fair, Tom. And you look really stupid.


William Sagle said...

Yaaaaaay, Spos!!! Their manager is a total genius!

Okay, so you answered the question as to whether or not Claude Osteen is related to Claues Rains and Aikens, however is he the father, uncle or in someway related to the blow-dried television minister?

Al Santorini with 10 losses one third of the way through? Can you get Claude Osteen to pray for him?

stevemryan said...

Anytime we get a Sheriff Lobo reference, it is a good day. BJ & Bear can only be jealous but it might have something to do with two dads? That seems a bit weird if not a tad unnatural.

The Astros uni would be vastly improved with a navy star maybe even Roger Staubach since he, David Robinson and McHale are the only three Navy stars I can recall.

I am especially giddy with the Redbirds checking another one into the L column.

Fireblossom said...

Gentlemen, can't we compromise here? How about Joel Osteen & the Bear? What?