Friday, October 7, 2016

Sorry, Mr. Wilson! : Saturday, June 7th, 1969


CHI 6, CIN 2  W-Jenkins 7-3 L-Maloney 6-4  HR-Corrales(1) Williams(6)

ATL 5, PIT 3  W-Stone 2-4 L-Blass 7-2  S-Upshaw(9)

STL 4, HOU 3  W-Taylor 4-2 L-Billingham 1-6  S-Hoerner(5)

MON 3, LA 2  W-McGinn 3-1 L-Brewer 2-3

NY 7, SD 5  W-Koosman 6-3 L-Kirby 2-6  S-McGraw(7)  HR-Grote(4) Spiezio(3)

SF 3, PHI 2 (11inns)  W-Linzy 3-2 L-Wilson 1-4  HR-Briggs(5) McCovey(13)GW

The Phillies may want to disconnect all bullpen phones before the start of each game. This time, Rick Wise pitched valiantly through ten innings of a 2-2 tie, then departed for a pinch hitter. On came Billy Wilson, yes, the same Billy Wilson who served up the three-run walk-off bomb to Jim Ray Hart in yesterday's game. Wilson wasted no time in serving up a cookie to Willie McCovey, who launched it far into the stands for another Giants win and another Phils defeat. "I blame Dennis," grumbled Mr. Wilson inscrutably. 

Jerry keeps hitting his hand on that stupid trophy!
The rag-tag Injury Edition of the Mets took the field against the Pods. The Pods pitchers started hanging and the Mets started banging, helped along by the return of flyhawk Tommie Agee. Jerry Koosman was not at his best, but got some karmic justice with the 7-5 win, to make up for at least one of the times he pitched brilliantly but lost due to poor run support. 

A big yellow taxi came and took away Popo.
Montreal continues to get outlandishly effective outings from the likes of Saturday's starter Larry Jaster, leading to a 7-1 hot streak. Dan McGinn tossed the final 3 frames as the 'Spos rallied to take the win and snap the Dodger win streak. It might sound strange, but the L.A. line-up is all screwed up without injured ace number two hitter Paul Popovich. Rookie shortstop Ted Sizemore hit there in this contest but contributed nothing. Jim Levebvre played second base and did not create any deathless memories, either.  Meanwhile, the Braves and Giants crept closer.

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