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Taking Care Of Business (And Working Overtime!) : Wednesday, June 11th, 1969


ATL 4, CHI 3 (14inns)  W-Doyle 3-1 L-Aguirre 1-2  HR-Hickman(8) Cepeda 2-out walk-off double in 14th. 

STL 5, CIN 4 (11inns)  W-Hoerner 5-4 L-Carroll 2-3  HR-Tolan(7) May(12)

HOU 6, PIT 0  W-Dierker 5-5 L-Ellis 3-7  HR-Menke(4)

LA 13, PHI 2  W-Sutton 8-3 L-J.Johnson 2-9  HR-Haller(6) Haller 6 rbi.

SD 5, MON 1  W-J.Niekro 4-3 L-Stoneman 2-6  HR-Staub(12)

NY 7, SF 3 (15inns)  W-Koonce 1-0 L-Kline 0-1  HR-Collins(1)

"Why play at all?" Banks wrestles with an existential crisis.
Orlando Cepeda, energized by his recent return visit to St. Louis, continues to punish whomever is available, as the Cubs found out Wednesday at Atlanta. "Cha-Cha" cracked a game-winning double with 2 gone in the 14th. On the Cubs' side, slump-encrusted Ernie Banks went a not very helpful 0-for-6, including 4 K's and a GIDP. Skipper Leo Durocher says he is dropping Banks to 7th in the order, effective immediately. Ernie has only 2 home runs all year. 

Dal Maxvill believes.
At Crosley Field, the Reds watched in horror as Dal "Muscles" Maxvill smacked a double off of Clay Carroll to drive home Mike Shannon with the lead run in the top of the 11th. Bobby Tolan did his best to keep torturing the team that traded him, but the ice cold bats of Tony Perez and Pete Rose (yes, Pete Rose! He is hitting less than .250 in June!) doomed the Rhinelanders. They can take some comfort, though, in having scored 4 off of Bob Gibson, snapping his 6-start winning streak with the no-decision. 

"Induct me!"
The Phillies, having dipped into (yet again) what they laughingly refer to as a bullpen, decided to leave Lowell "Lulu" Palmer out there to take it on the chops for the team. He gave up 8 runs in less than 3 innings. Dodger catcher Tom Haller got fat off the easy deliveries, smacking a homer and knocking in 6, a season high for the SoCal nine. New Dodgers Maury Wills and Manny Mota each collected two hits, scored two and drove in one.  

San Diego won their third straight, besting a down-hearted Expo squad who just saw their brain trust deal Wills and Mota for Adolpho Phillips (.104) and an injured Ron Fairly. "Let the losses begin," said an unnamed Expo. League HR leader Donn Clendenon hasn't hit one in June, and has driven in just one run while hitting around the Mendoza Line for the month. Could he be next to go? 

The hateful Mister Gutierrez. Trade him to Detroit. Trade him to Antarctica. See if I care.
Finally, a Mets-Giants match-up featuring Seaver vs. Marichal promised a 1-0 game, but it didn't turn out that way. Things started out pretty much according to script, as the Mets scored a pair of unearned runs in the 4th, and carried a 2-0 lead into the bottom of the 8th. The big news was that Seaver had not allowed a hit to that point! With one-out, though, the immortal Cesar Gutierrez pinch hit for Hal Lanier, whose earlier error had resulted in the two runs the Mets had. The hateful Mr. Gutierrez ripped a single to ruin everything. Ken Henderson, who had walked leading off, moved up. Ron Hunt knocked in Henderson with a single, and that was suddenly all she wrote for Mr. Seaver as he gave way to Tug McGraw to face lefty-swinging slugger Willie McCovey. McCovey greeted McGraw with a single, scoring the stinking little weasel Gutierrez with the tying run.  "You ruin everything!" commented your Impartial Goddess, sitting in the Candlestick Park box seats wearing her Mets hat.

My hero! Er, I mean, Kevin Collins of the Mets.
Jim Ray Hart, continuing his hot hitting,  added another rbi single off of McGraw to give the Giants a 3-2 lead. Your Impartial Goddess may have said some unladylike things. The Mets entered the 9th not having had a hit since the 4th, and Bud Harrelson kept that dubious streak alive by making the first out. Then up stepped Kevin Collins. Collins had been asked to bunt with Harrelson on first with no outs against Marichal in the 1st inning.  He laid down the bunt all right...on a 66-0. Why must APBA torment its managers by letting them know what might have been, on such bunts? It's inhuman. Anyway, in the 9th, Collins sent a Marichal delivery into the first row of seats, as Bobby Bonds felt it graze just over the fingers of his glove for a game-tying homer! Your Goddess bounced in her seat and cheered at the top of her lungs, but Impartially, and with delicate reserve. Not!

He was never really there. Beware of treacherous women! ;-)
In the bottom of the 10th, the despicable little scoundrel Gutierrez got another hit leading off the inning but nothing came of it. In the last of the 14th, the Giants got a one-out walk from Dick Dietz and then Ken Henderson was hit by a Cal Koonce delivery, putting two on for the awful little toad-faced miscreant Mister Gutierrez. Seeing the lumbering Mr. Dietz at second and two serviceable pinch runners on the bench (Etheridge and Barton, both average runners), your Impartial Goddess set about distracting Giants skipper Clyde King. "Hey what's that? A contract extension?!?" "Look over there, is that Roy Hobbs??!!?" By the time King turned his attention back to the field, the pox-ridden Mr. Gutierrez had lined a hit to left. Dietz came thundering around third as Bobby Pfeil picked up the ball and fired home. Out! Tie preserved! Pinch hitter Bobby Etheridge failed to bring in the winning run and the game continued. (Some malcontents may claim that the Goddess simply didn't think to run for Dietz, but these rabble rousers are not to be taken seriously. They are in league with the loathsome Mr. Gutierrez.)

Ron Kline models his old Tiger uniform, unlaundered since 1963.
The Mets went back to their hitless ways until the top of the 15th inning, when newly acquired reliever Ron Kline was sent in to pitch for the Giants. Kline faced seven batters and gave up hits to six of them before being summarily removed. Giants brass, now sober and regretful after their drunken stunt of trading for this bozo, sank in their seats as the Mets took a 7-3 lead into the bottom of the 15th. Bobby Bonds led off with a single and stole second. Ron Hunt made the first out. Jack Hiatt, who had come on when McCovey had been pinch run for earlier, stood in. To the astonishment of everyone, Bonds wandered too far off second and was caught in a pickle and tagged out. Hiatt then made the final out, with the San Fran nine losing despite three hits in four trips by the revolting stunted troll Cesar Gutierrez, who had ruined--did I mention?--Goddess favorite Tom Seaver's no-hit bid. Impartiality, it is me.



stevemryan said...

I try to ignore Mr Seaver's career until his mid-season trade to the Rhinelanders. If I recall he was on the wrong end of a certain bru-ha-ha in the '73 playoffs where his NY Mess lost the battle but won the war. They may have won the battle but I thought Mr Rose was justified, especially after I had Mr Harrelson in a draft league and saw his card. He had to be a better puncher than hitter.

Fireblossom said...

Steve, if you could just please give Mr. Perez a pep talk, I would appreciate it. He is still better than Willie Stargell, though. Willie is 0-for-37 in June! It's unreal how cold he is.

As for '73, I just recently bought the cards for that. The NL was nuts that year!

William Sagle said...

Umm, let me get this straight: the Impartial Goddess does not like Cesar Guittierez, right?

Well, I am glad the the Impartial Goddess cheered in a most dignified manner.

Fireblossom said...

There is always some evil Cesar Gutierrez to screw up the good works of the Tom Seavers of the world, William. It isn't right!