Sunday, October 23, 2016

You Betcha! Pete Rose Powers Reds: Friday, June 13th, 1969


PIT 10, ATL 2  W-Veale 7-5 L-P.Niekro 6-4  HR-Stargell(10) May(4)

HOU 4, STL 1  W-LeMaster 7-6 L-Taylor 4-3  HR-Blefary(6)

CIN 6, CHI 5 (14inns)  W-A.Jackson 2-0 L-Nye 1-5  HR-Hundley(4) A.Johnson(7) Rose(15)  Rose 2-out GW double.

NY 5, LA 2  W-Koosman 7-3 L-Moeller 5-4  HR-C.Jones(4) Parker(5)  Jones 5-for-5.

PHI 10, SD 1  W-Fryman 4-5 L-Sisk 3-5  HR-Callison(10)  Callison 5 rbi.

SF 6, MON 5 (11inns)  W-Linzy 4-2 L-Face 1-2  HR-Staub(13) M. Jones(7) Bonds(6) Henderson(1)  Bonds 1-out GW single.

0.63 just wasn't good enough.
New acquisition Al Jackson barely had time to put on his new Reds uniform when he was sent in to pitch and got the win when Pete Rose doubled home the winner in the 14th at Crosley. Earlier in the game, Rose had connected for his 15th HR, giving him a share of the league lead with Montreal's Donn Clendenon, who has not homered since May 31st. As for Jackson, his 1-0 record and 0.63 e.r.a out of the Mets' bullpen just wasn't good enough and they sold him to the Cincy nine.  In Friday's game, Fat Jack Fisher the Miracle "D" pitched 7 strong frames and departed with a 4-2 lead, putting him in line to join Gaylord Perry as the league's only 9 game winners, but Wayne Granger walked two batters and then served up a 3-run shot to Randy Hundley, putting the Cubbies up 5-4. Only Rose's heroics saved the day, but not for Fat Jack.

For the second straight day, Stargell and May crushed homers for the Buccos, this time back-to-back to chase Phil Niekro, whose knuckler wasn't knuckling. With the win, Pittsburgh once again achieved mediocrity at 31-31 and moved back to six and a half games off the pace. 

Readers always ask, and ruin everything.
The Phillies wish they could always play the hapless Pods, as they ran their record against the expansion ne'er-do-wells to 4-0. John Callison drove in 5 with a three run bomb and a two run single. Woody Fryman came close to pitching the Quakers' first shutout of the year, but gave up a run in the 8th on a...wait for it...balk. With a huge lead, he was weirdly concerned about the runners. Readers always ask, "Why do balks always seem to happen only with runners on first and third?" Shut up, reader. Just go with it.  

"Watch me throw this thing away!"
Finally, the Expos and Giants hooked up in a see-saw contest at Candlestick, with Mack Jones hitting his first HR and garnering his first rbi of June, but it wasn't enough, as Bobby Bonds' walk-off single won it for the San Fran squad. Hal Lanier had reached second leading off the 11th when Bobby "Wine Me Up" Wine threw wildly to first on a grounder. After the hated weasel Cesar Gutierrez made an out, Bonds stepped up and put a stop to the proceedings with his decisive safety. New acquisition Adolpho Phillips, beloved by certain readers, doubled twice for Montreal, but the Canadians fell anyway.  



stevemryan said...

Rose was before his time with PED, greenies or whatever, but the Reds are a half game out!

William Sagle said...

Either Charlie Hustle is juiced or the balls are! He has equaled his actual total for '69. I wonder if in '69 he ever envisioned himself being dressed like a fool on a nationally televised pre-game show?

Bobby "Watch Me Throw This Thing Away" Wine - love it.

Mrs. Gutierrez does not appreciate her son being referred to as a rodent of any form. But, it is funny as hell.