Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Day Without Homers Is Like A Day Without Sunshine: Thursday, June 19th, 1969


NY 7, PHI 0  W-Gentry 7-4 L-Champion 2-4

STL 5, MON 0  W-Washburn 4-8 L-Reed 2-3

HOU 6, SD 3  W-Wilson 4-8 L-Santorini 3-12  S-Gladding(3)

SF 3, CIN 1  W-Perry 10-3 L-Merritt 4-9

Everybody loves good pitching.
Fans of the long ball were sorely disappointed on Thursday as the 4 games on the schedule resulted in a dreary zero home runs. But that doesn't mean there was no action!

Gary Gentry of the Mets blanked the floundering Phillies. It was the Quakers' league high 11th blanking, but their first in almost a month--since May 24th.

Send him back to the kitchen!
Ray Washburn snapped his personal 7-game losing streak by shutting out the Expos, who have lost 5 of 6 since trading Wills, Mota and Clendenon. They just don't look like the same team at all, and in Quebec the call has gone out for G.M. Jim Fanning's head on a platter, served with an attractive cream sauce and a side of colorful vegetables. It's a French thing.  

Al Santorini lost his 12th game already, but Pods skipper Gomez says he has no plans to remove Al from the rotation. "I don't have ANY plans!" he admitted. You'll hear no complaints from the Astros; they're just glad to see the only west division rival they can beat come to town. 

His nickname is "Dog."
Finally, the Reds out-hit the Giants 10-4, but all the hits were singles, and it wasn't enough. Jim "Couch me!" Davenport stroked a two-run safety for the Giants, who took three of four from the visitors from Cincy. Tony Perez struck out once and grounded into double plays twice with men on base, then singled with the bases empty in the ninth. It almost mattered when Bob "Hi Bob" Burda muffed a throw, allowing Perez to take third and batter Chico Ruiz to take second, but pinch hitter Wingy Whitfield fanned to end it all. Gaylord Perry became the league's first ten game winner.
His nickname is "Tony."


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William Sagle said...

Jim "Couch Me" Davenport. Oh, the Goddess never fails to impress! I wonder how many do not get the implication?

Hah! So, you laugh and heap scorn upon me and my affection for the dead-ball era and now you have games without some brute hitting the ball beyond the fences. So, welcome to my world, Infallible Goddess. (It ain't so bad.)

Another Bob Burda mention - yes!!!