Sunday, November 20, 2016

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun (And Saves Galore): Sunday, June 22nd, 1969


MON 5, CHI 2  W-Stoneman 3-7 L-Selma 2-8  S-Face(7)  

MON 10, CHI 5  W-Wegener 5-4 L-Nye 2-6  S-Face(8)  HR-Staub 2(15) Fairly(7) Wine(2) Smith(6)  Staub 4 rbi.

NY 5, STL 2  W-Cardwell 3-5 L-Briles 5-6  S-McGraw(10)  

NY 2, STL 1  W-Seaver 6-5 L-Hoerner 5-5  S-McGraw(11)  HR-Agee(10)

PIT 5, PHI 0  W-Veale 9-5 L-J.Johnson 2-11  Veale 2-hitter.

PIT 3, PHI 2 (10inns)  W-Gibbon 2-2 L-Wilson 1-6  HR-Money(2)

SF 3, ATL 2  W-McCormick 7-3 L-P.Niekro 7-5  HR-Burda(2) 

ATL 9, SF 5  W-Stone 4-5 L-Bolin 5-8  HR-Carty(12) Boyer(5)

CIN 10, LA 7  W-Ramos 2-1 L-Singer 9-6  S-Granger(6)  HR-Sudakis(4) A.Johnson(9) May 2(15)  May 5 rbi.

CIN 5, LA 2  W-Nolan 3-3 L-Moeller 6-5  S-Granger(7)  HR-Savage(3)ph

SD 7, HOU 6  W-Sisk 4-6 L-Billingham 1-8  S-Reberger(9)  HR-Ferrara(4) Wynn(10)  Five Astro pitchers fan 14 Padres.

But can they hit for power?
The wheels have really come off for the Cubs, but then, that's a June tradition! They were swept by the baby Expos, who trotted a pair of Dw pitchers out to the mound against them at Wrigley. The power outage continued as the Cubs managed just one HR--by Willie Smith--in the entire four game set, while losing 3 of 4. Ron Fairly made his Expo debut and went 5-for-7 with a blast and a two-bagger for the visitors from la Belle Provence.  By the way, I bet the Cubs are really glad they traded Joe Niekro (5-3) to the Pods for the glorious (2-8) Mister Selma. Not.

He cheered when Tom got plunked.
The Mets swept the division-leading Cardinals, with lots of drama in game two. Tom Seaver, miraculously healed from a minor injury between games (funny how often that happens), nursed a 1-0 lead into the eighth when Lou Brock delivered a two-out rbi double to tie the game. Your Impartial Goddess, wearing her "I Love Tom" tee shirt and Mets cap, may have said something unladylike. Seaver, scheduled to lead off in the last of the 8th, was allowed to bat for himself, and got on by being smoked by a Joe Hoerner pitch. Back to the injured list went Tom, as your Impartial Goddess sent a rain of toads down upon Hoerner's loathsome little head. The good news is that Seaver's run was eventually scored by pinch runner Tug McGraw who stuck around to garner his second save of the afternoon.

When having surgery is all they can think of to say about you, you must be Vic Roznovsky.
In Philadelphia, seven mental patients, a transient, and two lost tourists showed up for the doubleheader between the Phils and Buccos. Two singles, one of them by the now nearly mythical Dave Watkins, were all the Quakers could manage against lefty fireballer Bob Veale. The Pirates plated 5 in the top of the first, before the ten fans had even found their seats, and then coasted--and I mean coasted--to victory, managing just two more hits the rest of the way. It was the 12th time the Phillies have been blanked, and they might have gone oh-for-the-doubleheader if not for a walk followed by a two-run bomb by Don Money in the nightcap. Money made the case for getting his starting job back by collecting 4 hits. The Bucs tied it up at 2, but seemed to still be in coasting mode until the tenth, when Freddie Patek walked, stole second, took third on a panicked wild throw by comical third string catcher Vic Roznovsky, and scored on a sac fly. The sweep put the Pirates back in second place, a full game and a half ahead of the slumping Cubs. As for the Phillies, they have the worst record in the league, even with two new expansion teams around. Yikes.

His suckage is unsurpassed.
Mike McCormick single-handedly kept the Giants in the race by holding the Braves to a 2-0 lead on unearned runs while Phil Niekro was no-hitting the Giants through six. The San Franciscans finally got to Phil for three runs while McCormick did the rest and they eked out a 3-2 win in the opener before dropping the nightcap. That's because the putrid Bob "Bowling For Dollars" Bolin tossed his usual gutter ball and the Braves feasted on his fat deliveries. I keep threatening to take him out of the rotation, but now I definitely am. Go down to the bullpen and think about what you've done, Bob. And take off that stupid bowling shirt.

Pinch hit hero Ted.
The Dodgers staked nominal ace Bill Singer to a lead, but the Reds came storming back, demonstrating that they can light up any pitcher in the league. Lee May went deep twice and the Rhinelanders completed the sweep of the double dip AND the whole 4-game series with a victory in the second game. Ted Savage came off the bench to hit for Gary Nolan and deposited the ball deep in the bleachers for a two run jack and a 4-2 reds lead. The win came at a heavy cost for the Reds, however, as Pete Rose and Alex Johnson were involved in a scary collision while going after a fly ball. Rose will miss 5 games and Johnson 13. "Charlie Hustle" held on to the ball for the putout, though.  "I'll be back as soon as possible," promised Pete, while Johnson just sat in his hospital bed, glowering at the staff and idly waving a handgun. 

"Hi. I'm stupid."
Finally, 5 Astro hurlers fanned 14 mystified Padres, but the 'Stros still lost to the Friars 7-6 for the second consecutive day. With two out and Ollie "Astro-hater" Brown aboard in the top of the first, Jack Billingham reached back and tried to blow one by Nate Colbert. With a 90% chance of a strikeout, Nate managed to somehow spoil it off and stay alive. He then doubled, followed by a two-run smash by Al Ferrara and the Pods were on their way. After watching his club drop 3 of 5 at home to the absurd Padres, skipper Harry "The Hat" Walker was in no mood to discuss why he and the Houston brain trust were so keen to trade away that stiff Rusty Staub for the immortal Jesus Alou last spring. "It seemed like the thing to do at the time," he growled, and then started banging his (hatless) head against his office wall.


William Sagle said...

So happy to hear that the Spo's are ahead of the Quakers!

Most unfortunate that Joe Hoerner had to feel the wrath of raining frogs. Good thing that the Goddess is impartial, huh?

I like Harry Walker. He might not be intelligent, but I like him. Wrote a letter to him when I was playing baseball in high school. He sent a magazine to me with an article about hitting he had written (okay, somebody wrote it for him) and I still have it. Must say, his advice did not help me.

stevemryan said...

I remember Harry Walker from Jim Bouton's book, 'Ball Four' I believe. Don't recall much being said to cast Mr Walker in a favorable light.

Double dip Wings and Reds Sweep! Maybe the Mets will make a move as the Cards resemble a different kind of movement.